The List

1. must look reasonably good
2. Must have a job
3. Wanna have kids
4. Nice Personality

What do you think, knowing me that will be included on the list

What I must do.
A. Be Less selfish
A.1 stubborn

craziest friend(s) I can find/have

If you are reading this/met me I think you know me pretty well.

Well you also now that I am single, I think maybe only onefew of you have ever know me while I was dating someone(holla girl).  I believe that a partner(girlfriend/significant other/wife) completes the person you are.  Now the important question is what am I missing in my world, what can she do to make me a better person?  I think once I figure that out I/We will be able to have a relationship?

Cup Cake Pans

Most normal size boxes of cake mix makes 24 cupcakes(How come the pan only has 12 cake cookers in them?)

Kids and a Wife.

[18:22:42] OddNewer: yeah, but you know how it is
[18:22:46] OddNewer: what am I really doing?
[18:23:12] Jacklyn D.: i don’t know
[18:24:07] OddNewer: me either
[18:24:10] OddNewer: dating is hard
[18:24:19] OddNewer: Is there every too much salad for dinner?
[18:24:38] Jacklyn D.: ya i wish i was a dog…just sniff another dogs butt do what i need and that’s that
[18:24:47] OddNewer: yeah
[18:24:55] OddNewer: so did you break up with that one guy?
[18:24:59] Jacklyn D.: no games, mind tricks, crushed hearts, rejecion
[18:25:05] Jacklyn D.: i dunno what i wanna do
[18:25:54] OddNewer: yeah
[18:26:38] OddNewer: I get nervous, that’s this problme
[18:26:57] Jacklyn D.: im socialy awkward and don’t know what i want out of life thats my problem
[18:27:22] OddNewer: I just want two kids, and a great wife
[18:27:32] OddNewer: but getting the wife part is hard, I know how to make babies
[18:27:58] Jacklyn D.: at least you know that…. i think i wanna be married, i think i want kids but im WAY to selfish for that cuz i also wanna travel and pick up and go where i want when i want with whoever i want
[18:28:05] Jacklyn D.: hahaha
[18:28:15] OddNewer: yeah
[18:28:24] OddNewer: well I ain’t having kids till I get married