blank slate


There is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400.

Stack of money

It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out ALL OF IT, of course!

Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME.

From an Unknown Author

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The List

1. must look reasonably good
2. Must have a job
3. Wanna have kids
4. Nice Personality

What do you think, knowing me that will be included on the list

What I must do.
A. Be Less selfish
A.1 stubborn

craziest friend(s) I can find/have

If you are reading this/met me I think you know me pretty well.

Well you also now that I am single, I think maybe only onefew of you have ever know me while I was dating someone(holla girl).  I believe that a partner(girlfriend/significant other/wife) completes the person you are.  Now the important question is what am I missing in my world, what can she do to make me a better person?  I think once I figure that out I/We will be able to have a relationship?

Cup Cake Pans

Most normal size boxes of cake mix makes 24 cupcakes(How come the pan only has 12 cake cookers in them?)

Kids and a Wife.

[18:22:42] OddNewer: yeah, but you know how it is
[18:22:46] OddNewer: what am I really doing?
[18:23:12] Jacklyn D.: i don’t know
[18:24:07] OddNewer: me either
[18:24:10] OddNewer: dating is hard
[18:24:19] OddNewer: Is there every too much salad for dinner?
[18:24:38] Jacklyn D.: ya i wish i was a dog…just sniff another dogs butt do what i need and that’s that
[18:24:47] OddNewer: yeah
[18:24:55] OddNewer: so did you break up with that one guy?
[18:24:59] Jacklyn D.: no games, mind tricks, crushed hearts, rejecion
[18:25:05] Jacklyn D.: i dunno what i wanna do
[18:25:54] OddNewer: yeah
[18:26:38] OddNewer: I get nervous, that’s this problme
[18:26:57] Jacklyn D.: im socialy awkward and don’t know what i want out of life thats my problem
[18:27:22] OddNewer: I just want two kids, and a great wife
[18:27:32] OddNewer: but getting the wife part is hard, I know how to make babies
[18:27:58] Jacklyn D.: at least you know that…. i think i wanna be married, i think i want kids but im WAY to selfish for that cuz i also wanna travel and pick up and go where i want when i want with whoever i want
[18:28:05] Jacklyn D.: hahaha
[18:28:15] OddNewer: yeah
[18:28:24] OddNewer: well I ain’t having kids till I get married