Now Even Tastier

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

So the cereal I’m eating has Now Even Tastier on its package.

Today is Sunday 09/22/V3.4 and today it was nice to see your face.

So what was it before that it had in it? What new fangled thing(s) did you add to it?

The time before this morning and sleeping time was good. Hung out at Andy’s BBQ and met some new people. Reconnected with some previously met people, and it was good. Reputation is everything and I’m happy with the one my previous employer and my reputation. Thanks.

The word of the day is sobersided which is solemn or grave in disposition, attitude, character, etc.; serious-minded.

This Sunday is my last Sunday of working for a while. Starting Sunday 09/29/V3.4 I’ll be working; M-W, F & S. Thursday’s & Sunday’s off. Thursday for laundry, Sunday for church. Yeah for adjusting to fit my life.

We have reservations at the swankest place in towne. Fuddrucker’s® cause we want to go to the place with The World’s Greatest Burger location. I’m having pork chops, pasta, and vegetables for dinner. Planning ahead.

News from the homefront. There isn’t any, cause we always imagine you’re better. So I’m watching Full House & Becky’s family is from Nebraska. The greatest state I’ve ever lived in.

Have a fantastic day!

We Continue

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

We Continue our march to happiness.

Today is Monday 09/09/V3.4 & it is my 1/4 Birthday!

I start reading In Cold Blood today, it is the book for Omaha Reads. Visit Omaha Reads Events get in on the fun. I just finished reading Confessor, it was the last book in the Sword of Truth series. He has now written a couple more and they are on the waiting list at the Omaha Public Library.

Tennis was pretty great yesterday. We are doing it again next Sunday, you should join us.

The word of the day is peplum which is a short full flounce below the waist, covering the hips.

The Monday workers join us in the game. But in 3 weeks I’ll be one of you. Starting on the 29th I’ll be working M – W & F with a Saturday. Still have Thursday off for Laundry, I’ll be starting at 0700.

Well we have our neighborhood association meeting today.

Make it a GREAT Day!


Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

So Under the Dome is 1,071 pages & that isn’t enough.

Today is Thursday 08/29/V3.4 & it is Game Night in some location that isn’t Omaha.

So I finished reading Stephen King’s Under the Dome and it is 1,071 pages. That doesn’t seem to have been enough though. I walked away having questions, but that is okay. The dome came down because of the kids. They compared it to a kid, his magnifying glass, and ants. The ants have lives too. I also don’t know if you watch the TV Show, but James Rennie does die in the end, Junior dies in the end, all the bad guys die in the end. The book as usually is better than a movie or teevee. I also think this is the BIGGEST book I’ve read from cover to cover. I also paid my $5.00 fine.

The word of the day is bulbous which is bulb-shaped; bulging.

Chapter VIII Article 51in the Charter of the United Nations, also take a read from the a US News Opinion article. I currently don’t support any US-led individual or collation attack on Syria. Also this – State Dept Admits It Doesn’t Know Who Ordered Syria’s Chemical Strike | The Cable.

So I’m hearing that there will be a National ‘Fast Food Strike’ today. If you aren’t working today, this is what you should do. Walk into a restaurant where they are striking and talk to the store manager. Inform them you are ready to work today, then as you leave be like. I just took your job, & I’m Lovin’ It, or whatever said restaurant’s slogan is. There are people willing to work in our nation, and once you agree to work for a company.

Well now that I’ve went on a couple political rants, I’ll bring you the good news.

YUP I’m having burrito’s for dinner tonight. I’m also going to take a nap and do laundry. Probably go get some Ice Cream too. I might go out on the towne and show you what’s up.

Vernon J out.

The most

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

We are going to give it our most.

Today is Thursday 08/22/V3.4 & it is Lindsey’s Birthday!!!

  • Doing laundry with the most.
  • Eating breakfast with the most.
  • Snapchat’n with the most.
  • Getting shot with the most.
  • Napping with the most.
  • Reading with the most.
  • Taco Riding with the most.

Yesterday was another good day for Team Vernon J.

The word of the day is quincunx which is an arrangement of five objects in a square or rectangle.

So I’m watching Thor right now and doing laundry, cause you know it is Thursday. There is also that whole nap and reading thing I plan to do. I also have a doctor’s appointment to get my B12 shot. I’m going to ask if it is okay if I start donating blood again.

Now that we are done with the majority of our day, I’ll go ahead and finish this blog entry.

I just signed up to help out the Omaha Sports Commission Again. NINE TEAM INTERNATIONAL FIELD SET FOR VISIT OMAHA INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS « The Omaha Sports Commission You should help and signup to volunteer.

Tonight we are going on the Taco Ride and Jennifer sent me the best picture EVER!

She said The Weather Channel is Drunk
She said The Weather Channel is Drunk

I can neither confirm nor deny if The Weather Channel is drunk. BUT Stephanie was drunk last night. Hopefully she isn’t drunk at this hour.

You can’t possible be drunk 10 hours after closing time, OR can you?

Well after my doctor’s appointment I plan to go to the store. Contray to what my other weather people told me, it was raining. Okay to be honest no one told me it was going to rain. I was sleeping.

Well that’s it for now.

Vernon J out.

Bonus Shift

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Everyone gets a bonus shift today with Vernon J

Today is Thursday 08/08/V3.1 and it is 233.

For everyone who came for the news of my complete breakfast. I’ll get there.

I bet you are wondering what the 233 is and how I came to it. There is math involved and it involves today’s short date. I’ll let you chew on that for a bit, if you can’t figure it out. We’ll post an answer here real soon. Sometime after the 2200 news, I’m going to make you wait. & I know you:

I Know You Don’t Want to Wait, but this is how the news do it & if it is good enough for them. It is good enough for you.

The word of the day is waif is a person, especially a child, who has no home or friends.

Okay, not that you read though all of the less important. I made oatmeal in that pot that had heating water in it. You’re welcome.

What are you doing today? Even though I work until 14.30 I think I can still squeeze in my Thursday Laundry Day. Let’s see.

Vernon J going back to the way things were.


I nailed IT

Good Morning & Happy #FNP!

You know I think coffee stunts your growth.

Today is Friday 07/26/V3.4 & it is going to be a b-e-u-tiful day in Omaha.

So I commented that I gave up coffee so I could grow into the man she needs me to be. I totally nailed IT!!! Pretty proud of it & you know how I’m not a proud person. I am very calm and quiet when it comes to my accomplishments. <— I totally got that out without smiling.

So today I am going to the Zoo & Village Inn. Which one will be wilder?

The word of the day is cyclopean which is gigantic; vast.

Yesterday was a good day, I got all the laundry done. I went to the doctor and I was under my ideal weight. NOW this is MY ideal weight not people who are trained medical professional who actually know stuff.

I got a nap in after laundry, before the doctor, and after the doctor. This is where I was confused if I took II or III, but it was totally worth it. I watched Big Daddy and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Contrary to what you read on the internet (I put it there), there was nothing unsavory happening in Dundee between 0200 & 0400.  You just can’t believe anything you read on the internet.

I read a post from a newscaster on the internet, they were talking about how Lo Sole Mio is being audited by the City of Omaha. Well after reading the story it appears that there are ten audits a week or so. So the City is doing the job it is suppose to do, as the Lo Sole Mio has a permit of occupancy they are required to follow these rules.

As I was preparing this post, another news outlet posted on twitter the correct way. That’s how it is done.

I also accidentally mark the Spam message folder as NOT spam. Right here on this couch.

Vernon J out.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Thursday!

I have a doctor’s appointment today.

I will do laundry today.

I’m reading a book.

I will laugh today.

That is all!

An invitation

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Here is an invitation to join the fun.

Today is Thursday 07/11/V3.4 & it is 5 to 10 mins to asses it.

So we are starting with the ole laundry routine. I need to wash dishes and stuff like that.

We are doing the taco ride and you are free to join us.

So last night was #Interesting, we had fun at Saint’s Pub + Patio. It would’ve been more fun if more people had came, not sure if I am going to make this a weekly thing. Part of the fun of Karaoke is the crowd. The number of singers/patrons should outnumber the servers.

Then I came home and well that was awesome.

As I told Alan


The word fo the day is accrete is to grow together; adhere.

well that is it for now.

Oatmeal it is

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Oatmeal was the ‘main course for my breakfast’

Today is Friday 07/05/V3.3 & our laundry is 3/6ths done. We are doing it the best way we know how.

I had the pleasure of eating oatmeal, bacon, eggs, bagel, and drinking a mug of juice. You may have seen the results on my instagram.

I’m just chillin’ now, waiting for the other two loads to be done. That should be in about 15 mins or so. Subject to them being dry you know. Then I think I’ll take a nap until about 12 or so. Going to get in a bike ride, I don’t know how many km’s I’ll do. BUT we will do it like a boss, cause I am the boss of ME!

The word of the day is blighter which is a chap; bloke.

What do you plan to do today, can I come?

Vernon J out.

End of a Moment

Good Evening & Happy Friday Eve,

This was the end of a moment & a beginning of a moment.

Today was 07/04/V3.4 & it was the 237th Birthday of The United States of American.

The best country, in the best state, in the best county, in the best city.

I went to the XXXVth Annual Pancake Breakfast, good things happened in 1979. YOU can see some pictures here and here.  I had a good time out there, yeah. Barb so me, so you know when you are talking to Vernon J you aren’t getting catfish’d

The word of the day is dandy which is something or someone of exceptional or first-rate quality.

Tomorrow is an advanced director from Fleet Admiral. I shall be doing laundry tomorrow, okay that is all I have on my to-do list.

I’ll probably go for a bike ride too.

Anything else?