Whew, I missed an oops

Glad I didn't Glad I didn’t

I’m glad that I had my supply of $0.25’s when I went to the laundry today. Apparently it was a REALLY big weekend for them.

Things about saturday 02/20/V3.0

I’ve made myself breakfast – Really good.  Saving the Blueberry Muffins for tomorrow(aka I didn’t make them today)
Washed the Dishes – So nap time can happen.
Omaha’s Team in action at the Sapp Fieldhouse. Final Home games of the 2009-2010 Season
Maybe do Laundry after that.
Crescent Moon with some buddies.

Get on your knees

That is NOT That is NOT

One of these is not like the others & I believe I have lost $0.25

That is NOT That is NOT

One of these is not like the others & I believe I have lost $0.25

$4.00 in $3.75 out and this brown thingy

Get Out & Do Laundry


I have already changed my plans for today.

I actually wanted to be out at the place(s) before 10:00, but they don’t open till – 10.(That’s the real reason), in addition this is The United States of America & if Vernon J of Omaha wants to change his mind he can.

So I’m going to Barnes & Nobles, then maybe, Westroads Mall if they don’t have what I want, I’m gonna call the mall to get the name of that store today, & Bag ‘N Save. As I told my Buddy Paul S. It’s Laundry Day.

I need to go to the Mall to get a 2010 Happy Bunny Calendar or at least check to see if the place has one.

Eat Breakfast, Shower, Head out that way.

I’ve already started my 2010 Resolution for Birthday Presents.

Double Justified

I didn’t do laundry yesterday.

25% – 100% Because I didn’t want to.
75% Because the Laundromat was out of quarters.

Today I had clean dress socks, so I didn’t NEED to do it.

But with the washing machine & dryer as my witness, I WILL do Laundry today.

Laundry – Check
Grocery Store – Check
7th of 13th stright day working – Check

Dance with a bunch of girls at Nico – Check
Work on Homework Assignment for Federal Income Taxation – Check
Go to the store to get quarters for laundry – Check

Wash Dirty Clothes – Check
Dry Wet Clothes – Check
Fold/Hang Clean Clothes – Check

Send Out E-mail About Dinner Party – Check

Go to the store to get another lamp
Ask Megan if She is going to the Hockey Game this week (maybe post pone and ask her in class – check)