9 Chivalrous Habits Of A True Gentleman That Make Women Melt

2. Saving the last bite of food

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, when he saves the last bite for you, it’s basically him saying he likes you more than whatever meal is in front of him. Which, for the record, is a lot.


Well according to this I’m no gentleman (or lacking this gesture).

A. You order your own desert
1. This ain’t no sampler platter

Good Day

A good day was had by Vernon J.

It ain’t over yet though.

I’m headed to the UNO Volleyball game that I told y’all about earlier.

I got off work a bit before half after two.

Me & the roommate went to the Omaha Steaks store. We also went to Bag ‘N Save. I got myself a couple of these


They(well one) was delicious. 5 mins on medium each side on the stove top. Oven preheated to 350. 15 on one side 10 on another. Juicy & perfectly tender.

I got all the dishes washed :-).

Tomorrow I work at 0445, stop in for a dark roast with a coffee cake muffin. We’ll get you running before the snow comes.

Church tomorrow night.

What do you have planned this weekend?

Another Month

Goodbye September Hello October.

A joy filled start to my day, it’s on the button off my pants leg.

Today is the 1st Day of October in my 36th year.

Another relaxing night in Omaha.

UNO Hockey starts this month. Monday is the first game. Team Vernon J week be there. Getting excited for the return to the Ice.

The Word of the day is demesne which is possession of land as one’s own.

The Equalizer was a great movie. Although pretty far fetched. No man can take down the eastern Russia Mafia, the enforcers team, the head of the snake & his security team. With that being said.

All that could’ve been avoided for a mere 9,800 in ca$h. But no someone had to get all uppity.

A good romantic comedy If I do say so myself*. It had everything, a love story, intrigue, corrupt cops & other people. Barbed Wire, nail guns, spy cameras, helicopters, even some honey.

After working 8.58 hours, went to the g-store, came home cooked & made some bacon, ate dinner, relaxed in the couch. Talked to Jeanie, who is out of state this week. She sent me a postcard.

Tonight is laundry night & everything what I did yesterday. I’ll work more hours, smile more, have Ice Cream.

What do you got hung on today, Monday?

*this is my blog


Time for a redo?

Great Morning to All.

I’m already on my 2nd pair of #PANTS

Today is the 25th Day of September in my 36th year.

I spilled blueberry smoothie on my khaki colored pants. So I got to redo my dressage this morning. I think I got it to come out, I’ll see tonight.

Happy 29th Birthday Kimberly. Enjoy your day.

The word of the day is iwis which is certainly.

I’m going to make Cinnamon Rolls tonight. Looking forward to that.

Also the 1st Debate for Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District is tonight. click me for MORE information If you are on twitter or another social network. Please use #NE02 in your posts. Get the conversation going.

I’ve asked OWH if that’ll be the hashtag. They haven’t responded to me yet. So until they do that is what we’ll be using.

Last night was a fantastic night. Got home, did dishes, started the clothes washer, started the consumption of food process. Moved clothes from washer to dryer, started my other laundry, ate dinner. Talked to people :-).

Watched an episode of Southpark. They made fun of The Redskins lack of ™ or ®. Funny times.

A good relaxing night.

Have a grand day.

Was there

A good day, afternoon, night, morning.

Good Evening & Happy Sunday.

I’m hair with how things went this weekend & Sunday.

Today is Sunday 09/06/V3.5. How was your measurement of time?

I worked Thursday.
I worked Friday & went to Oktoberfest at Gerda’s.
I worked once Saturday & went out on the towne.

I dropped my sharpie, it is new broken



The word of the day is palabra which is a word.

Yup. Even on the 12,874th day people make me go what?

Respect is a two way street. I don’t see how typos & saying ‘there’s a no excuse rule’ in my works is disrespecting our not showing respect. I didn’t ask & won’t. Just know that I’m confused.

How was your 4 days?

Unique Week

I told you this week would be unique.

Good Afternoon & Happy Wednesday.

Heading home from work right now.

Today is Wednesday the 27th day of August.

I will nap & probably (99.9%) do laundry when I get home.

I’m doing my other 10 tomorrow. Helping Gwenn with some business stuff tomorrow night.

The word of the day is pulchritudinous which is physically beautiful; comedy

After last night’s DCRP meeting some of us went to Dudley’s. We had a good time laughs & smiles.

I have to work at Dunkin’ Donuts tonight. I’ll be there at 1600.

I won’t be wearing this

I imagine this week be changed shortly anyways.

Had good conversations today. I’m officially caught up on my pending day stuff at work. It’ll be even better tomorrow.

I also realized I probably don’t have to work on Monday. I requested Sunday off as well. We’re doing the Italian Festival tomorrow Friday night.

Have a good afternoon.

Goes good with

I was just thinking what goes good with tomato soup.

A nice delicious grilled cheese.

Do I need a meat?

You have several minutes to respond go.


I’m not sure what that word means.

Good Morning Visitors.

But it came up as I was typing another word.

Today is not The 22nd of August in my 36th year.

Yesterday was another good day for the team. 13.80 hours of work. Give or take a few more hundreds. Countless smiles provided by me & more importantly received by me. Thanks for making me smile, I do like that.

I don’t know what today holds for us, but we’ll get through it.

What’s on your agenda?

The word of the day is philoloy which is the love of learning and literature.

image Appearances mean something. If I ate the chips out of the bag people might wonder. But if I put them in a bowl, people will wonder something different.

Hope your appearance is perceived well today.