Oktoberfest 2015

#OcktoberFest 2015 with Team #VernonJ. Prepare thyself for greatness. We’ve got these http://photos.Vernon-J.com/?p=8567 #RaiseTheBar The following is the #Omaha schedule, no details on a #Lincoln, #Kearney, or #DesMoines visitations yet.

Gerta’s 5180 Leavenworth Street Omaha, NE 68106 2nd week in September, which is September 12th, but Jim says it is September 6th. So it will be FRIDAY 09/06/V3.5 or 09/12/V3.5

German-American Society Saturday 09/20/V3.4 3717 S 120th St, Omaha, NE 68144

Oktoberfest 2014 on Beer Corner USA Saturday 09/27/V3.4 3578 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131.

Unique Week

I told you this week would be unique.

Good Afternoon & Happy Wednesday.

Heading home from work right now.

Today is Wednesday the 27th day of August.

I will nap & probably (99.9%) do laundry when I get home.

I’m doing my other 10 tomorrow. Helping Gwenn with some business stuff tomorrow night.

The word of the day is pulchritudinous which is physically beautiful; comedy

After last night’s DCRP meeting some of us went to Dudley’s. We had a good time laughs & smiles.

I have to work at Dunkin’ Donuts tonight. I’ll be there at 1600.

I won’t be wearing this

I imagine this week be changed shortly anyways.

Had good conversations today. I’m officially caught up on my pending day stuff at work. It’ll be even better tomorrow.

I also realized I probably don’t have to work on Monday. I requested Sunday off as well. We’re doing the Italian Festival tomorrow Friday night.

Have a good afternoon.

Dreams Come True

Watching your dreams come true?

Happy last 34 to 40+.

What made you have those dreams? Why didn’t you make them happen earlier?

Good Morning & Happy Friday.  Today is the 8th day of August in my 36th year.

Last night was nice. Had some Salmon, Onion Rings, Salad, & this

Seemed Strong

As you know I don’t normally drink beer, this was a special occasion. I wore socks yesterday.

Okay I totally just made that up. I wear socks everyday.

The word of the day is Klatsch which is a casual gathering of people, especially for refreshments and informal conversation.

I had eggs, oatmeal,  my smoothie, & peppered bacon (which I made lady night) for breakfast. I left about one half hour later than normal die to sugar breakfast. It was totally worth it.

I want working just VI hours today anyways. We’ve been authorized overtime for this week. I’m going to try to get caught up on my case load. I make no promises.

What do you think of this shirt?


I bought a few this morning. I won’t reveal to more than myself, the other person who knows about this one, & the packers of said order; if this was in that package.

I still hate shopping. I guess that’s why I but online before 0515.

Well we’ve got work tonight at 1600.

Enjoy your #FNP!

Plans between Work

I do have plans between work.

Good Morning & Happiness.

I’m going to get socks, apparently I do not have at least eight pair. They get holes & get replaced.

Today is the 18th Day of the Seventh month in my 36th year. Oh what a year we are making it.

I like to have enough socks so I can go a week without doing laundry.

A two week rule applies to the socks cousin.

The word of the day is mot juste which is the exact, appropriate word.

From today’s news story: Malaysia Airlines MH17 Boeing 777 Had ‘Clean Bill of Health’ My comment & a similar comment

Well I don’t think planes are designed to withstand a missile attack. BUT I’m no aerospace engineer, so don’t get me to talking about it.

I am disappointed in the cowardly terrorists attacks by individuals & organizations. But the mighty news doesn’t need to look for alternative meanings.

I’ve seen pictures of the Taco Ride via Jennifer. They had bubbles lasy night, I’m disappointed I haven’t gotten or went the chance to go this year. I’ve got to take a day off in August. Well a 2nd day. I’m already taking the Sunday 13th of I’m sure. It’s an important day for Team Vernon J.

Have a good day.

You’re Not Paying Attention

Supposedly, my roommates sister wants to know if I’m single.

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

A. either her phone has been stolen, OR she hasn’t been paying attention.

Today is Monday 04/14/V3.4 & it is a chance to love again.

I had a good breakfast this morning.

Made a bagel as well

It was so yummy.

The word of the day is cuittle which is to wheedle, cajole, or coax.

I think today I will be going to pick up a recycling bin. It is so overdue.

So how ‘terrible was your weekend’? Did you have a terrible time Thursday with friends sending out mail? Did you have a terrible time Friday at your favorite bar, & then go to a fish fry & do this?
image On Saturday did you go to Lincoln, make Vietnam contacts & meet syomeone from Michigan who was giving their sine a tour of UNL?[I told him to go to UNO].

Cause of you did that I’m sure you had a terrible weekend.

It sure was fun though.

Now let’s ahead to this week. Tuesday Gwenn is having a fundraiser, Wednesday I have to work, Thursday I’ll be back in North Omaha. Oh looks like I have no time to help Shane.


I’m back did you miss me? Just had to create a facebook.com event for Saturday. Back to the ball field

Have a great day & stay a little while.

Great Job

The UNO Hockey Team did a fantastic job last night.

Good Morning & Happy #FNP!

I stayed up to watch the entire, totally worth it. The longest I’ve stayed up all week.

Today is Friday 03/14/V3.4. Today is pi day & it is also Dana’s 62nd Birthday. Wish him a Happy Birthday on Twitter. He is @OmahaDriver.

So I took this
picture & my mirror had a mark from my hair on it. I posted the pictures via the fanpage on the local TV Stations. So I’m happy to announce that the mirror is now clean.

My wrist hurts.

I think I’ll go for a bike ride after work today. Do dinner exploring around the area.

What are you doing this weekend?

Today’s featured photo is from https://twitter.com/rachtiu/status/339171820081135616/photo/1 to celebrate the FNP!


I’m happy with this successful week.

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

Meet new people, laughed with those new people. Taking steps forward on the #0529 project.

Today is Friday 03/07/V3.4 & it is Katrina’s Birthday. Happy Birthday.

Will the fish fry is happening tonight. The A.Z. didn’t call me back. That’s okay, the invite was extended.

I’ve got to work a little under 8 hours today. As I’m still a ‘trainee’, I don’t know if I’m suppose to work more. The team in on had an option for 3 hours OT this week & mandatory of 5 next week. I’m one of the two excused, cause I’m special.

The word of the day is fallacy which is a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc.

Saturday is movie date day or night. I’m going to see the movie, a specific person had been asked to join. Time is dependent on said person taking care of some business on their end. There isn’t anything I can do about that except hope it the business gets taken care of. In not much of a hoper though.

My hands are soft today.

Has anyone downloaded OV Guide? It allows you to stream movies for free. There are commercials on some movies, but not unexpected.

Here’s to the Mavericks playing well in Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado, & Arizona. Visit OMavs.com for the full schedule.

What are you doing this weekend?

There were 3

I brought 3 mittens today.image

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

I needed to stop by the bank this morning, so I had a little something extra to do. Although I left my name tag at home.

Today is Friday 02/28/V3.4 & it is the last day of the month, the first Fish Fry, & UNO Hockey Day!!! GO MAVS!!

Yesterday’s Spaghetti linguine & Meatballs was good. I thought I had the S, but I had the L. You didn’t hear any complaints (& there were non) from me. I LOVE my cook.

So have you heard of The International Association of Vernon J is Funny of Omaha? They decide if Vernon J’s are funny or not. They said I was funny, take that Danielle. 😛

Has this been an exciting week or what?

The word of the day is aubade which is a song greeting the dawn.

Well sunrise isn’t until 0700 49 mins away. I don’t know what aubade I’ll be listening to at that time. BUT right now Miley Cyrus is Wrecking that Ball.

I can say I’m riding all night long.

Have a Fantastic Day & Remember that the grass, dirt, and gravel all meet near the blacktop.

I’m a What

Listening to Keith Anderson’s XXL right now.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Keith Anderson – XXL – YouTube

Today is Thursday 02/27/V3.4 & it is the eve of the last day of February. Maybe the #FNP will arrive today.

Yesterday was a good day. Decided to make a surprise visit to Jason’s Deli, I had the Sweet Potato & Pork soup. It was a good decision. For Dinner I had my Sausage & Peppers that I made this week, went to Bag ‘N Save & got fresh potato wedges. NOW that’s good eating. Tonight for dinner there will be Spaghetti & Meatballs. Looking forward to that, I’ve extended 1 invitation as of right now. I won’t name names, but there is like a 95% chance it wasn’t you. IF it was you and you are reading this, why haven’t you responded. Vernon J needs to know, thanks.

Tomorrow is the 1st Fish fry of the season & the first fish fry of my life (that I can remember).

Saturday is Hockey & just maybe I can convincethe other members of Team Vernon J to go out for karaoke. I’ve just been singing this morning & having fun doing it.

The word of the day is deipnosophist which is a person who is an adept conversationalist at a table. The following is just for men, it could apply to the ladies. If a person (in a romantic relationship) uses 14 minutes of a 15 minute conversation. They could be crazy. I didn’t say it, just heard it.

Sunday is church & NASCAR. They are not equal, but they will both be done.

I think that is it for now.

As always follow Vernon J on twitter for the daily happenings thoughout the day.

What’s that Song?

Wait, is this song about pants?

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

YES, you read that right. There is a song about pants. Walker Hayes – Pants – YouTube

Today is Friday 02/21/V3.4 & it is a great day to dance while waiting for the bus. At least that is what Vernon J did, I see no reason why can’t do it. I know you can.

Last night was great, the Budweiser Duels was fun to watch. I had to explain NASCAR to Tina. She didn’t understand, but our co-workers did. She’s a NASCAR fan too, we just get it. I was feeling a little under the umbrella after work, but I’m fine this morning.

I was concerned about not making it out to the moon, well that isn’t a concern of mines anymore. I’ve got the necessary tools to make this happen. So I’ll see you there?

The word of the day is toothsome which is pleasing to the taste; palatable: a toothsome dish.

After work/Before Crescent Moon I’ll be buying some sheets. One of my sets of sheets got a hole in them, I don’t know how that happen. I don’t sleep that rough & I don’t have scissors or cutting instruments in my bed. I’ve got my 20% off coupon, so I’ll get some good use out of that.

I need to go to the male store to get some male socks. I should get about 9 pair, Harbor Bay® 3-pk Continuous Comfort™ Crew So, if you are so inclined you can just go ahead and get them for me. Go with the ALL BLACK; you can just ship them to the store, you can also ship them to my home. Thanks, that’d be great.

Yesterday I got to work some cases at work, actually doing work is much better than sitting there watching someone do work.

Oh, so KMTV posted about Girl Scouts selling cookies at the Medical Marijuana clinic. I haven’t read the story yest, but I’m going to say that someone was ‘offended by it’.. Let me read it before I analyze it. *BREAKING* NO one was offended, upset, or outraged by this story. This is an amazing and truly breathtaking story, that no one was rubbed the wrong way. NOT that they were selling cookies.

Have a great day like Danielle and her mom.