Go with that.

I’m just going to go with that.

Good Morning & What a great start.

Well do that & wear a cummerbund. Worry about the results later.

Today is Tuesday the 24th day of June in my 36th year.

A GREAT stay to the day. I didn’t realize what the action (that shall remain unsaid on the internet to ALL 3rd parties.) But I’m sticking with the matter plan.

It isn’t a bigdeal cause the question was already asked. Just not direct.

The word of the day is garboil which is confusion

The song was Break You Off. I skipped that song, it kinda sucked.

So last night I posted on twitter & facebook. III words VIII letters. Cause that’s how I roll.

How was your morning or how will your morning be?

Apparently last night wasn’t inventory, so I went home & baked cookies. Visit #ShamelessPlug to see the work. Also

I took the small container to work
I had to decide which container of cookies to take to work. I took the one with 8 or 9 cookies. Which means I like 6 or 7 of you. Cause two are for me. One for the left hand, One for the right hand. If I had three hands I would like 1 of you lesser.

No plans post work today. Bocce ball is off this week. The summer league stays next week.

So if you wanted to go out, today would be fine.

Have a fentastic day.

That’s 500 ml

*edit* I decided to go with the Pulled Pork as it is simpler to consume, than the Pineapple Pork Roast with Rice or other pasta type dish.

I need 500 ML of juice for my smoothie.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday. Today is Sunday 11/10/V3.4 & we are JUST 5 DAYS away from the middle of the month.

So I have about 400ML of Apple Cider, I also have a pineapple in the fridge, I’m like this has juice in it. So I start squeezing said pineapple, After I get the container full, it decides to spill. YES the disappointment is high, but it is okay. There was bacon cooking & the bacon is good.

The word of the day is mufti which is civilian clothes, in contrast with military or other uniforms, or as worn by a person who usually wears a uniform. We just called them Civi’s when I was in the United States Army.

Monday is Veterans Day. Here’s to all the other Veterans who have answered the call. Thanks.

So today is going to be a good day. Heading to church this morning. After the church I’ll be heading to the G-Store for supplies.

I’m making a pineapple pork roast or pulled pork. I’ll also be making chili cause that’s what I wanna do.

Prepping for the week. This is Regional Meeting week for Vernon J. I have a meeting Monday, Tuesday, & a quasi-meeting Thursday.

Thursday is a fundraiser for Gwenn Aspen’s campaign. Visit http://VoteAspen.com for more information.

I do have the need for Karaoke, so that might happen Wednesday. But I do need some time at home. But I’m sure I’d have fun at either location.

We also have a huge announcement. The neighbors television volume didn’t keep me up last night. Good Times.

To everyone working today. Have a great day at work.

To us non-workers today. Have a great day not working.

The sun looks great.

So everyone is posting on Facebook about what they are Thankful for. Well I’m thankful for friends, smiles, & laughs everyday.

I’ll join the caravan though.

1st – I’m Thankful for friends.
2nd – I’m Thankful for Clyde & Lola Woods. They are two great people who took in foster children. I was one of those at the age of 15. I wouldn’t be where I am now without there kindness.
3rd – Freedom
4th – Hard Work & dedication to doing what is good.

My Report

Good Evening & Happy pre-Sunday


Good Afternoon & How was your Saturday?

I can’t decide what the appropriate salutation is. I’ve been off work for 3.104 hours. I’ve sat on my butt, I’ve washed dishes, I went and got a $7 alarm clock. Me and my neighbor went for a walk.

At the end of the day I will have had no less than III delicious cookies. Maybe some Ice Cream, I just can’t decide. NOT that I have to  decide. This is The United States in America and no where in the Constitution does it say I have to decide anything to do with my dessert.

The word of the day is spigot which is a small peg or plug for stopping the vent of a cask. I always thought a spigot let water come out.

My friend posted this picture on facebook,

Someone's Hiring.
1 in 6 Don’t Have Any Job.

I commented that I worked at McDonald’s when I was in my senior year of High School. I don’t know if that is a ‘good’ job or not. BUT it was a good  enough job to pay my rent, phone bill, and get me back/forth to work and school.Visit Careers :: McDonalds.com or Taco Bell® | Careers And Caring Culture Visit today.

If you are 1 of those 6 without a job. $7.25 an hour is better than $0.00 an hour. You don’t need to math major to figure that one out. A job is a job that pays. It may not be a career, but then a ball isn’t a square either.

So I had a good day yesterday, I made Ice Cream Sandwiches. I didn’t make the Ice Cream, but the Sandwich part. They were really nice cookies.

From Susannah & Susannah’s sister there are apparently Cicada Killer Wasps and Susannah isn’t going outside anymore.

Well if there is anything you want me to know about. Just go ahead and leave your comments below.

Did you know Forrest Whitaker directed Hope Floats, First Daughter, Black Jaq, Waiting to Exhale, and Strapped.


Are we no longer facebook friends?

I was ‘challenged’ by Allison to see if I could get under CC friends on facebook.

By Challenge I mean, I should her the list of friend requests that were denied, or just being ignored.

Apparently there were some additional deactivated accounts that now allows new friend requests to be approved.

IF you felt that your unfriending was unjust. Then you can reapply. If you liked this status, you are not eligible for a confirm. YOU should now that I’m not a Husker-football fan, it was a trap. I thought I would get the easy numbers for removing. ONLY 4 fell for it.

So send those friend requests.

Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, & Months

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

We have time, WE HAVE TIME!

Today is Wednesday 11/07/V3.3 & it is a brand new day in America.

As you know there was an election last night. I voted for Willard & Erica, those two individuals lost their elections. BUT everyone else I voted for won. I voted AGAINST term limits & voted FOR the other 3 amendments to the Nebraska Constitution. YES I’m disappointed that Barack Obama won the Presidency again.

This is how I feel about our future.

It scares me to think that my kids, your kids, will inherit debt. After the Revolutionary War & Civil war. They raised taxes to pay that debt. Everyone did their part. None of this ‘special classes’ we were America.

If you get a chance to watch I.O.U.S.A. The most important issue to me in ANY election is fiscal responsibility by the Government, local, state, & federal level. We need to raise taxes & cut spending. So we move on to MMXIII. There is an election in Omaha for the City Council & Mayor. Get out there and help support the candidate that you think will help Omaha.

The word of the day is glean which is to learn, discover, or find out, usually little or little or slowly.

From a post on twitter

I think if we had that power we would see less stupid stuff. YES I’m sure there is one or two people who would delete some of my posts. BUT as I would have that power as well, it would be okay.

So tomorrow I get bonus work at the City, I’m also volunteering with The Salvation Army to help with Christmas Sign-up. They offered overtime at First Data, but I don’t want to work overtime on Saturday. I want to enjoy my day off.

So now I get in the kitchen and wash dishes,
tomorrow I do laundry.

So this is it for now.

Vernon J out.

What’s this German?

As some of you know I only update my status in German.

Since I only update 2 -3 x’s a week.

On Monday it’s something like ‘Vernon J <3’s Monday’s’

Well I decided that I’ll be nice to some people(probably not you) since if you’re reading this it is unknown to me.

Here is my status update from Monday 10/25/V3.1 21:12

in English: Vernon J may take awhile to make a decision, but once that decision is made.  Its Good to Go!! – |Decide with me 402-516-4401|

& in German: Vernon J kann eine Weile dauern bis eine Entscheidung zu treffen, aber sobald die Entscheidung getroffen wird. Sein Good to Go! – | Mit mir 402-516-4401 Entscheiden |