She doesn’t win 

​Please share these #facts with someone who was against Trump or ‘electors changed baits for Trump’

We Have the Final, Official Totals for The 2016 Presidential Election.

Red, White, & Blue

So I heard there was a debate last night. 

I’ve got 97 Facebook friends & 12 support Hillary, 12 support Donald, 20 are voting for Donald,  77 just don’t care. 

When you post 7 status updates with negative connotation about Donald & the BEST thing you say about her is she wore a red outfit, blue outfit, & white outfit to the debate. 
Something may be wrong. 

Major endorsement?

​I didn’t read @owhnews endorsement letter, don’t care for publication of endorsements.

But the headline indicated she was the ‘least risky candidate. 

Not a strong one to stand by. 

Vote on May 10th

I don’t stand with The Democrats.
I don’t stand with people who live in Uzbekistan.

I stand with the people of Nebraska.
It appears the Nebraska Democrats appear to be voting for Bernie Sanders.

I’m more calling on the Nebraska Republicans on May 10th to also #vote.

I’m supporting John Kasich for the Republican Nominee. He us the best candidate for me.


Madeleine Albright Stunner: “There’s A Special Place In Hell For Women Who Don’t Help” Hillary

Yes Hillary Clinton is a woman, doesn’t mean you should vote ffor her, based on that & nothing else.

Vote for the Best Candidate

We’ve all seen Hillary’s shadiness on display time and time again throughout the campaign, but one thing that hasn’t been said enough is that with the Clintons, you don’t just get the Clintons. You end up electing a cadre of some of the most villainous and corrupt corporate criminals, manipulators and unethical political mercenaries America has to offer.


So ‘real heroines’ are single moms. NOT moms, NOT ladies.

Well as an American, As an employee, as a conservative.

I won’t discriminate a mom, a single mom, a dad, a single dad. ALL parents are hero’s, the good parents are better heros.

To have someone (a child) count on you and be there for them is amazing.

Thanks Parents for what you do.

The Democrats

Clinton aims to end Biden talk

The weakened front-runner is going to Democratic elites with one message: My campaign is on track.

Apparently Hillary Clinton things she’s the Barack Obama 2007 edition.

She’s going to win? I knew BHO would win we he announced he was running. No matter which candidate the Republican Party nominee was. I was surprised when HRC announced degree was running. I’m under no illusion that we will best her in the General Election.

What say you?