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My Buddy Jon L created a facebook group for me, YEAH!!!

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Bike Riding


I hope you had a GOOD Monday. I talked to four(4) people on the phone, left two(2) voice mails for someone. Decided when I’m taking my vacation(even know where I’m going, IF I go anywhere) Got a New Back Tire($150) Got a nappy-poo in. David Reutimann(Favorite Driver) won his first NSCS Race.

How was your Monday?

End of the Cement Trail - Me Facing North
End of the Cement Trail – Me Facing North

This is I-29 and 25th St in Iowa. Next Exit is 6 miles Away! Continue reading “Bike Riding”

Possibly runi a hide and seek game – Check

Riding my bike, and I see two boys playing. 
Boy A is calling Boy B
Boy B is hiding
Guess who told Boy A where Boy B was?

Oh Last Night Was FUN!!!

So my friend Dawn is going to Cedar Rapids for six months to improve her career.  Last night was her Going Away Party.  I went, and had a good time.

Sullivan’s you know have to do a minimum of $20 tab.  We thought there would be a live band, but it wasn’t too be, so we left that joint, that’s when the fun started.

We went to T-Henry’s and I had a GREAT TIME!!!  We played some music, we did a little bit of dancing.  I got a phone number, Jordan called me.  I am going to call her about 3 today, she is hot, and was by the pool table.  Well I didn’t see her, and I introduced myself to every single freaking girl in that bar, even the lesbians.  I also had the bartender annouce her name over the pa system.  Had a little bit of Gin(that shit’s a bitch, way worse than tequila).  I saw the dancing girls from Citrus Lounge, they were dancing on the tables like strippers.  As you know I hate strip clubs, I have too much respect for women.  I gave them a dollar(because that’s what they deserved), and her friend was upset bc that’s all I gave them.  Well I let them know that for anything more than $1, they better be doing more than dancing on the table.  We then went sliding @ The Gene Leahy Mall!!

Saw Sarah,

FYI: (When I do get married, and if she conviences me to have a big wedding.  MY BEST MAN BETTER NOT TAKE ME TOO A STRIP CLUB, CAUSE I WILL FIRE HIS ASS!!! )

Call Jordan: – Check

 More Pictures Are Here!!

Choo Choo

Become a train this morning.
See Miss S. Z. from work and tell her to call you when she is no longer working with you(okay it was Saturday)

Did You?

get juice from a orange in a cut?

Tell a girl(let’s call her Molly) that you could solve a Rubik’s cube, even though you couldn’t?