End of this era

My friends are better class of people.

Good Morning tallies.

They come over & leave beer behind.

Today is the 31st Day of July in my 36th year.

Been up 1 & 24. So far so good.

Yesterday was a good day.

Work, relationships, living. All good times.

The word of the day is shtick which is one’s special interest, talent, etc.

The event of last night was Legen… (freaking) wait for it. frigging …dary. I of course speak of Sharknado 2. It was funny as all get out & shut the front door. The number of cameos & who did them was ridiculous. Matt Lauer Can Suck It really didn’t want to say Sharknado, he did eventually.

Totally worth the buildup. As Nick said, get ready for #SN3.

Today we have 6, 6.5, or 7 hours of work. I’m going to see Guardians of the Galaxy. The earliest show is at 1300 at Aksarben Cinema. I have to work at 1600, so I’ll see if I have time. If the time table works itself out, I’ll work 6.5

I changed my mind. I’ll be working 6 tomorrow & time for math. 40 – y+6 = x. X is for how many hours I’m working today. I’ll know in 30 to 360 mins. I’ll pay in twitter between 0800 & 0900.

What are you doing this weekend?

*break time edit*

I’ll be leaning at 1341. 7 hours exactly.

It’s YOU & Your Phone

It may be raining, but my parade has a shelter.

Good Morning & are you dancing with me?

It just rained last night & before I left, I didn’t bring an umbrella. Matt of KMTV Action 3 News didn’t say it would rain.

Today is Friday the 25th day of the Seventh month. It is a day to be a rebel. See This & I threw a muffin wrapper from Dunkin’ Donuts in the McDonald’s trash can.

If you read my blog or know me. You’ll realize I’m not actually bad.
The word of the day is laciniate which is cut into narrow, irregular lobes; slashed.

A good day at work. Went in there & was out of there by 2115. I want taking any prisoners. I’ll do that again tonight. I don’t know who’s working tonight. BUT let’s do this.

If you’re bored (cough Angela) come by & visit. I’ll be there from 1600 until 2100.

People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked, Look What They Found Out… From The Meta Picture

What’s going on in your world tonight?


Are you rousted to a journey?

Good Morning & Happy cramp relief.

Today is Tuesday the 22nd Day of the 7th month in the 36th year of me.

I got a cramp in my lower leg while sleeping. I thought I drank enough water. I took a shower, ironed, & relaxed on the coach after riding 14.97 km’s yesterday. Yes I’m kinda disappointed that didn’t work out to be 15 either. But I did 5 additional as well. Today I’ll be over 20 for sure.

The word of the day is laden which is burdened; loaded down

I got to wake up to this inspirational thought.
image Thanks Mandi & the rest of the internet for sharing.

I had a good time at Crescent Moon Alehouse yesterday. This Monday Night Drinks could be a think.

Work was fine, although I went over 10 hours. Workplace Administration Problems. It works out well for Vernon J as this will ease the 8 hours I have to do Wednesday.

I’ll be doing another 10 today. We play Bocce ball at 1800 today. Come on over to Midtown Crossing & join us.

How was your Monday? Did you merry anyone new?

48 Things

So I posted this:

I’m going to list my things & see how I did.

  1. Woke Up
  2. Texted Melissa
  3. Showered
  4. Ate Breakfast
  5. Went to Work
  6. Rode My Bike
  7. Smiled
  8. Laughed
  9. Talked about skydiving
  10. Did work
  11. Bought New Socks
  12. Danced
  13. Watched the News
  14. Saw two people, waved at one, (internet wave’d at the other)
  15. Followed New People on twitter.
  16. Found out when Cathy’s Birthday is.
  17. Still don’t know where the pizza joint is
  18. Thought I wouldn’t take a nap, I will
  19. Watched some Formula 1 practice
  20. heard the Ice Cream man, didn’t chase him
  21. read someone’s blog & left comment
  22. Had a chocolate chip muffin & some milk
  23. Had a bowl of Ice Cream before going back to work at Dunkin’ Donuts.
  24. Shared this on facebook.
  25. go into work 2 hours early
  26. sit back on couch for 1 hour 17 mins
  27. Read Chi’s post. You can too
  28. bring in recycling bin
  29. kick my feet up

  30. Watch Jeopardy
  31. Ask how your day was
  32. wait for the walk light to turn white
  33. make plans to go out after work
  34. Go to a new bar
  35. Meet TV famous person
  36. Sing Happy Birthday to bartender
  37. Sing Baby One More Time
  38. Wait at a red light
  39. Take a picture of the olé male leaf

  40. Share tattoos with Dani
  41. order half Nachos
  42. play a couple songs on the jukebox
  43. talk about raccoons
  44. HIGH FIVE the bar patrons
  45. finish a drink
  46. run up & down the stair
  47. go to bathroom
  48. redacted

These items are not in chronological order.


I really do LOVE Monday.

Good start to the Morning.

Even when I read stories that confuse me first thing. (See below).

Today is the 30th & Last day of June in my 36th year. Today is also Chris’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Chris.

Work will be anywhere from 10 – 12 hours today. 9.58.6ish at First Data. Follow me on twitter to see when I leave. Then it is inventory day at the donut shop, about an hourish. #shoutout to Regan who came to the store while I was working.

The word of the day is rident which is laughing; smiling; cheerful.


As a sidenote. Yeah Boy.

A busy week for this guy. I work everyday this week. 10 shifts. Thanks to the Birthday of my country I only have to work 32 hours at First Data. I have scheduled 25.5 hours at DD. W 1600 – close, T & F 1800 – close, S 0700 – 1400. Stop by for a drink or two.

Here’s that smile that I talked about.

Go with that.

I’m just going to go with that.

Good Morning & What a great start.

Well do that & wear a cummerbund. Worry about the results later.

Today is Tuesday the 24th day of June in my 36th year.

A GREAT stay to the day. I didn’t realize what the action (that shall remain unsaid on the internet to ALL 3rd parties.) But I’m sticking with the matter plan.

It isn’t a bigdeal cause the question was already asked. Just not direct.

The word of the day is garboil which is confusion

The song was Break You Off. I skipped that song, it kinda sucked.

So last night I posted on twitter & facebook. III words VIII letters. Cause that’s how I roll.

How was your morning or how will your morning be?

Apparently last night wasn’t inventory, so I went home & baked cookies. Visit #ShamelessPlug to see the work. Also

I took the small container to work
I had to decide which container of cookies to take to work. I took the one with 8 or 9 cookies. Which means I like 6 or 7 of you. Cause two are for me. One for the left hand, One for the right hand. If I had three hands I would like 1 of you lesser.

No plans post work today. Bocce ball is off this week. The summer league stays next week.

So if you wanted to go out, today would be fine.

Have a fentastic day.

What did you do?

Oh, you’ve broken the website.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

I can’t fix this site, I don’t know what you did.

Today is Wednesday 04/30/V3.4 & I’m having a good time.

I’m listening to Jessie J’s album that had price tag on it.

The word of the day is axiomatic which is self-evident; obvious.

I had a good time yesterday. Work was work. The post work was the post work.

  • Read at the bar – check
  • Eat bacon at the bar – check
  • Discuss & agree to do skydiving at the bar – check (more details on this later in the year)
  • Laugh with friends & other people who might be friends but not really sure cause it stated as a professional relationship – check
  • Discuss the future – check
  • Have all that happen before eight – check check

Today in spending some more time in Midtown post work. Helping out Brian.

It is colder but less rainy then yesterday. I do not like it.

Project .J. is going well. Of course you don’t know what that is, cause I just gave it the name today.

Let’s just say “thinking” of, had a positive response.

Here’s a picture of my umbrella.

You’re Not Paying Attention

Supposedly, my roommates sister wants to know if I’m single.

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

A. either her phone has been stolen, OR she hasn’t been paying attention.

Today is Monday 04/14/V3.4 & it is a chance to love again.

I had a good breakfast this morning.

Made a bagel as well

It was so yummy.

The word of the day is cuittle which is to wheedle, cajole, or coax.

I think today I will be going to pick up a recycling bin. It is so overdue.

So how ‘terrible was your weekend’? Did you have a terrible time Thursday with friends sending out mail? Did you have a terrible time Friday at your favorite bar, & then go to a fish fry & do this?
image On Saturday did you go to Lincoln, make Vietnam contacts & meet syomeone from Michigan who was giving their sine a tour of UNL?[I told him to go to UNO].

Cause of you did that I’m sure you had a terrible weekend.

It sure was fun though.

Now let’s ahead to this week. Tuesday Gwenn is having a fundraiser, Wednesday I have to work, Thursday I’ll be back in North Omaha. Oh looks like I have no time to help Shane.


I’m back did you miss me? Just had to create a facebook.com event for Saturday. Back to the ball field

Have a great day & stay a little while.

Kick up my heels

Randy Houser got his boots on.

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

Just jamming to some music on the way in.

Today is Friday 01/17/V3.4 & it is the time to do some stuff.

I’ve done ironing

100% wool pants being ironed

, made lunch, got the dishes going in the machine. I didn’t use my time yesterday to get a haircut. I had more fun at Crescent Moon instead. I was also told not to be too hard on myself. Sometimes you listen to people like the person who told me that.

I also didn’t get to iron yesterday. I normally like to iron all my clothes at once.

So this is what should be done today after work. A. Haircut B. Dinner C. Iron.

The word of the day is misology which is distrust or hatred of reason or reasoning.

Yesterday there was no entry. But I got the drawer & mirror assembled. Didn’t even take a nap.

I’ve got no BIG plans this weekend. Going to listen to University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks hockey. They are coming to us live from Ohio. Sunday church, I’ll probably also go to the library add it is in the way home.

It is suppose to be 15 degrees on Sunday. A swing of 25 degrees from what it is right now.

What are you doing the rest of the weekend? Just 39 hours left.

Wait, you actually read that?

Post something on Snapchat, people actually read it? Opps.

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

I snap chat’d with the words ‘future daddy’ I got one congratulations & a question. Now there person who asked the question doesn’t actually know me. The other one does, you would know if Vernon J had a baby on the way. It’d be right here as we decide to share with friends & family.

The word of the day is klaxon which is a loud electric horn, formerly used on automobiles, trucs, etc.

So today we are acquiring an Ugly Sweater for G.A.M.E.’s party tomorrow. We also need to acquire some dish soap. No food is necessary, we are having chicken breast, pasta, & saladid for dinner.

Did you see puppy’s adventures today. Follow me on instagram (VIIX1979) to see them. 2 posted so far more to come.

A puppy on a bus. He's on a bus, where's his song?

Well we are taking the south route to work today. The North toe wasn’t were it should’ve been when it should’ve been there.

What are you doing today?