These three teeth

Dental visit report.

One of my previously improved teeth needs to be removed & replaced.

There is done decay in two sections between teeth.

A totally of the improvements required.

Will be fixed on Friday 03/20/V3.5 at 0800


A great weekend for Team Vernon J

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Looking forward to a great week ahead.

Today is the 23rd day of February in my 36th year.

It started on Thursday. I worked, saw a movie, laughed.

Friday was almost like Thursday, except I went to a Fishfry. You can see pictures here –

Saturday I worked & went out to Brewsky’s.

This week is already bringing unexpected benefits. Have a dinner thing this evening.

My semi-annual dentist appt is today.

I’ve also made timing changes with my schedule. I’m thinking I’ll do four 8.5 days & one 6 hour day. Stay tuned you see how it goes.

Here’s an Apple that will be consumed soon.



So did you get a surprise yesterday ?

Good Morning & Boomtastic.

I got one yesterday. Actually had the day off. I was suppose to with a of Thursday. But they scheduled an extra person & I let them know. They forgot to tell me they curved me off the schedule.
Today is Thursday the 5th day of September in my 36th year.

We are only 1 hour & 22 mins in & it had been a Boomtastic day.

A good night’s sleep, good & fun conversation, a good breakfast.

The word of the day is pericope which is a selection or extract from a book.

So yesterday on Twitter I asked, how many servings is corn on the cob?

Some Delicious Right There
In particular that puce right there.

After dinner I went to the store & bought a white shirt. I can’t remember the lady time I bought a white button down shirt. I’m usually doing the patterns, but I need white for Friday.

Also I have a 16 inch neck & 38 length arms. I’m sure they are both the same length. I’m totally normal :-).

I also got two new ties —->

This is the double pink & gray one. You’ll see the new one next week. Well totally world population – 4 people who have seen the toe in my hand.

everything was totally normal at the dentist yesterday.

I’m heading into work now, then later to work, then home.

What did you do yesterday?


I’ve already done a blog entry today.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

You can see the previous entry over at my photo blog.

Today is Tuesday 02/25/V3.4 it is Anna’s Birthday & it is meeting day.
I have a meeting at 1400 at the dentist, it was suppose to be next Thursday. But I’ve been experiencing some discomfort.

There is also a Douglas County Republican Meeting is also tonight.

I stopped by and got some donuts today, they are delicious. co-workers & readers I still have three left.

The word of the day is sciamachy which is an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.

Have a fantastic day.

Vernon J out.

Tap Dancer

Good morning & happy Tuesday.

I couldn’t been a tap dancer.

Today is Tuesday 01/22/V3.4 & it is Dennis’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Dennis.

I could’ve also been a dentist. I am neither of those things, so back up.

Had a good breakfast this morning.

Yesterday was a good day, are I told you this. I found out what my raise for March to February 2015 will be. I also got a bonus. Now I can’t discuss this as the raises & bonuses are based on performance of the past year. To performers get top compensation.

If you were to call me I’m sure I could tell you*.

The word of the day is williwaw which is a violent squall that blows in near-polar latitudes.

Well today is the official day, the $9 ($4 too much) haircut place is open. I will go there after work. At least that is what I put on my blog, but we’ve been there before. I wouldn’t bet on it until ‘hair on the floor’ is seen.

That’s skill that I have planned.

Make it a fantastic day.

Breakfast in Bed & 0655

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

Breakfast in Bed would be nice and the Sunrise is at 0655!!!

Today is Friday 09/06/V3.4 and it is official the 1st Ocktoberfest of 2013.

I would LOVE to have Breakfast in Bed. Thursday or Friday is fine, as I wouldn’t expect you to be at mouse at 0343 in the morning. IF you are here that early, I’m sure that breakfast in bed will be served.

Ocktoberfest is at Gerda’s today. Team Vernon J will be there after #VernonJ takes his nap.

The sunrise is at 0655 and sets at 1948, that’s 12 hours and 53 minutes of sunshine today. The moon will rise at 0810 and set at 2010, that’s 12 hrs of Moon’n. NOT 12 hours of Moonshine, otherwise you will be drunk.

Well that’s all I have this morning. Peace be with you.


You gotta double pump

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

You gotta double pump your fist on days like this.

Today is Friday 08/02/V3.4 & you are front page news.

Today is a day off & you know what a day off means? I’m off of doing anything productive after 0800. Because I do EVERYTHING I need to do I do on Thursday’s.

So apparently Rolling Stone has more than double the sales of their July issue from last year. You know why it doubled, cause the media made a big stink about the cover. You know why it doubled, cause CVS, Walgreen’s, 7-Eleven and Stop & Shop refused to sell the magazines. There is nothing more proud then something telling someone they can’t have or do something. Cause they will do it just to be like Forget You!

I am doing something something today, like cleaning my kitchen. Going to vacuum the hallway and bedroom.

Did you know that 2013 is the 25th Anniversary of Coldstone Creamery? I bet you wonder why I bring this up, A. Cause #CSC25 is a GREAT promotion. Yesterday I posted on instagram & you know I show them some love. I like the place and don’t mind sharing that on Social Media. There’s a point (wait for it). I won $10.00 in their #CSC25 promotion.

The word of the day is lam to beat; thrash.

So that’s 226 words, what else can I share with you this morning.

OH, this is another #awesome story. So yesterday I was watching Wipeout on KETV. Bill interrupts the episode, cause you know it was raining and stuff. So at the end of the piece they have a liveshot. Bill says ‘that’s our Backpack Journalist’, like it is something special. Well a few weeks/months ago WOWT was running this ad about how the other stations couldn’t get close cause they didn’t have them. So my favorite reporter mentioned me and told me that I shouldn’t forget about them.

I informed her that they don’t make a big deal about having them. BUT if they do they do, then someone from KPTM chimes in that they have them too. Here’s a graph Now the link isn’t family friendly.

I thought I had a dental appointment today, but Doty didn’t call me yesterday. My appointment is on Friday 09/06/V3.4, this gives me more time.

& on that I shall call this blog entry good.

Back in the hand of (oh I don’t know)

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I’m back in the hands of Jeff & (dental hygentist, whose name I do not know).

Today is Monday 03/18/V3.3 & it is

That’s not a real website or phone number, let me check. I just checked, that is correct.

I’m trying something new with my posts on twitter, so far today, I’ve put them on Auto Schedule. So something I’ve posted since 00.00 until NOW (currently 06.54) could go at anytime today. Currently my latest post 16.10 today. I’ll see how this goes & how my follows respond to this.

The word of the day is qualm which is an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct compunction.

As we talk, I’ve changed my auto posting on twitter. My tweets were scheduling themselves out to the 19th of March. That’s just not going to work, because I would be posting all the way out.

Well that’s if for now.

Vernon J ‘and the family’ out.



Good Morning & Happy Friday,

What’s this doheckey you are putting on me. OH my dentist office now has digital x-rays.

Today is Friday 03/01/V3.3 & it is the 1st Day of March MMXIII & the CXLVI birthday to the State of Nebraska.

So they have the digital x-rays, that can find the cavity even before she is done. I refuse to accept that, her and the dentist didn’t except my non-research basis opinion.

Needless to say I have a follow-up appointment on Monday the 18th. So the moral of the story is just saying, I don’t see it when there are irrefutable facts to counter that.

I decided to NOT go watch a movie today, I came home & making lunch. This I will eat at work, it is rice, chicken, & veggies. I’m also going to take a nap here. As soon as I get done posting this entry.

The word of the day is leeward which is moving toward the quarter toward which the wind blows.

An Exclusive photo you’ll only see on The Official Blog of Vernon J

(shaking head).What are you doing this weekend?

That’s if for now.

Vernon J letting it breath a little.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy FNP-Eve!!!

It is days like (today) that I created My Evening Report category.

When GREAT days like this happen.

I wake up with a GREAT smile on my face, and usually when I post my first entry my day is GREAT. Now it can get greater though the interactions I have with people, or I(& ONLY I) can make it worst by my interactions with people.

When I posted my instagram picture, 20130228090057124

Here’s a song for you to enjoy.

My day started on the internet & then going to do laundry. I put my clothes in the wash, showered, shaved, and made my bed. I then put the clothes in the dryer & went to Family Dollar. I tried a new brand/scent of fabric softener. UPC – 024200060985, yeah you will have to do some research.

Unlike some news station in the local area. I won’t say any names, but you can see their incomplete story here.  You can also read this collection of posts on twitter.

Now if Shelley can find out the truth with a little research, I’m sure you can too John. YES I e-mailed them and informed them of there error. The e-mail was sent at 21.58, at the current time 23.08 the story has NOT been updated to reflect the correct information.

But remember 1 thing.

On TV. Online. On the Go.
The People You Know. The News You Trust.

Now I’m not saying I don’t trust them. I guess I do know them, I think I met a few of them in person. I’ve also had one of those ‘awkward’ conversations with one of their employees. BUT She’s cool!!

NOW back to how good my day was.

  1. I had II bowls of Ice Cream
  2. My mittens were at still at Metro, that’s a good thing
  3. I was suppose to get I hour of bonus work, but I got II hours of bonus work. I get paid by the hour so that is a good thing.
  4. I danced
  5. I can’t reveal this portion of my day, cause its ‘top secret’ by ‘top secret’ it means I either posted on #4sq, posted on twitter about it earlier and it will be buried in my history that isn’t as easily accessible as this. Potentially more details to come.

Check out my pictures I posted. Photos from Thursday 02/28/V3.3 | Photographs by Vernon J

A Guy who is internally happy is now signing off.

Dentist Appt tomorrow at 08.00 & then work. I thing I’ll go watch a movie since I’ll be up anyways. Or I will come back & take a nap.

Unnamed news station has updated the story, no response to the e-mail!