She did

from @MeetThePress: Pelosi: “The president…is expressing a sign of weakness. He’s saying ‘I can’t control our borders. I have to build a wall.'” #MTP

Yes, you’ve seen the tweet.

She actually did say that. 

A secure border can & should include a wall and other physical elements. 

Contact me

With #MMJ reporting from @nicolecousinstv @Maya_Reports  & others. People are generally misbehaving themselves at @JeffFortenberry ‘s #townhall. This is why Congressman are not having them & requesting people contact their office directly.

It takes more thought & less emotion to write a letter.

Also you don’t get that social feedback of being a jerk.

More Confused

After watching the Director of ICE respond to Senator Ben Sasse, I’m not any less confused.

Link to YouTube video

Today at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sarah Saldana, the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), answered pointed questions from U.S. Senator Ben Sasse regarding the death of 21-year old Sarah Root, who was killed in Omaha by an illegal alien.

I’m not sure she is any less confused either.



Congress (the House) has passed common sense solution to the calorie labeling program.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fast-food chains would get some relief from government rules on listing calories for things like bacon-wrapped deep dish pizza or double cheeseburgers under legislation the House approved on Friday.

The vote was 266-144. The legislation now heads to the Senate, where its fate is uncertain.

Here is the link from Congress.GOV –

My Congressman Brad Ashford voted for it, thanks Brad.

Healthcare Reform

When the court rules in King v. Burwell, we anticipate that it will hold the administration to the laws Congress passed, rather than the laws the administration wishes Congress had passed, and prohibit subsidies in states that opted not to set up their own exchanges, as the language in the law clearly states. Such a ruling could cause 6 million Americans to lose a subsidy they counted on, and for many the resulting insurance premiums would be unaffordable.

AP News : Obama to seek to bust limits on domestic, defense spending

“fully paid for with cuts to inefficient spending programs and closing tax loopholes,” but taxpayers will have to wait until the budget is formally released Monday to find out exactly how.

I’m for efficient operation & closing loopholes.

I’m not for increasing the budget. We need a balance budget & any additional revenue over the last 3 year average shouldn’t be spent on new or larger program.

It should be used to pay down the National debt.

healthcare insurance reform

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) today renewed her fight to repeal Obamacare and replace it with her proposal to allow consumers to shop for insurance across state lines. Blackburn introduced H.R. 543, the Health Care Choice Act of 2015, which would empower consumers by giving them the ability to purchase affordable health insurance coverage with a range of options. The bill has 14 original cosponsors.

A shame

“Taxpayers who need help are not getting it, and tax compliance is likely to suffer over the longer term if these problems are not quickly and decisively addressed,” said a report Wednesday by agency watchdog Nina E. Olson.


Need help filing out your tax return? Don’t call the IRS (from @AP)

I sure wish they had a simpler tax code.

I’m okay with doing my taxes myself.