Oh, they did.

Someone. #BlueBunny changed the packaging.


1.36L’s now.

They have therefore raised the price.

You ain’t fooling me.

Just might switch brand now.

No Windows 10

No #Windows10 for Vernon J (yet).

“Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to,

I don’t usually read EULA, but quite Frankley, my personal data is my personal data.

Unless I chose to share it. NOT a huge, faceless corporation, that I don’t work for.

More from Fox News – http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2015/08/05/stop-windows-10-spying-dead-in-its-tracks-with-one-free-app/?intcmp=hpbt4

Take a look

I won’t be able to get @windstream, cause I live in #Omaha.

Windstream cable will be available by mid-April.

But taking advantage of ‘the other company’ in Omaha has been great to me. The internet is fine, the tv package is better & less expensive.

Take a look at your options, after all it is your time, money, & resources.

Your Rules

The first of many.

Top of the morning, bottom of the year to you.

I’m willing to say I LOVE YOU. :-* See I said it.

It is the 365th Day of 2014. We say goodbye to this year.

So I came across this story – http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/united-orbitz-sue-computer-whiz-started-cheap-airfare/story?id=27903538. I posted it on Twitter without commentary. But not here.

This guy is a genius. Maybe you should stop routing your customers to middle locations. I did a search for Boston to Miami. There was a stop in Newark or New Jersey. Why, United? If I can find a cheaper & more convenient fight. I’ll take it.

I’m no judge out lawyer. But from what I see this guy had just set up a search engine that find the most direct route. I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and keeps up the fight. Maybe your RULES, contacts, & business relationships are broken. Get better. You shouldn’t be suing this guy. He isn’t selling your product. He is providing information to your potential customers.

Well the WVJN news team had cracked the case. Team Vernon J will be at Crescent Moon tonight. Well you join us?

I had a good day yesterday:

  • I worked
  • I picked up dry cleaning
  • I dropped off dry cleaning. It’s hard to leave the pants you’re wearing.
  • I went to Xenon Academy to attempt a hair cut. They didn’t have any slots available. So I’m going back Friday.
  • I talked(texted) to you* You is not N or J
  • I went to bed.
  • Ate some dinner & stuff.


How was your day?

December 26th

I’m on FULL mobile internet until at least Friday 12/26/V3.4.

Goo Morning & Happy Friday Eve.

Cox got disconnected during (sleeping) tune yesterday. CenturyLink won’t get connected until 12/26. Yes that’s a long time without home internet. Thanks for being there Sprint.

Today is the 11th day of December in my 36th year of Vernon J.

I think I’m on schedule for packing criteria.


I’m going in at ten tomorrow. There will be morning packing. Saturday & Sunday after work packing.

I work tonight, Saturday & Sunday morning. I’m working just six Monday. I’ll pick up the UHaul Sunday. I think I can be fully moved out of 11101 Wednesday. Lease isn’t up until the 27th. So I’ve got plenty of wiggle room.

Tomorrow is UNO Hockey day. Team Vernon J will be coming to you live from Section 128 row 2. Not my preferred 113, but you know.

Saturday night is game night with Marcy & Dennis. Excited for that break from life.

What does your weekend look like?

Lyft & Uber service

My letter to Anne & the PSC.

I would encourage you to write YOUR elected officials as well.

Good afternoon Anne.

I’m writing to you because you have expressed your opinion & displeasure with companies recruiting employees.

The companies are reaching out to see if there is a market for their services.

Looking at the response of readers & social media there is one.

I am an alternative transportation guy. I ride my bike, I ride Metro, I walk, & I get rides with associates & have paid them money to provide that service.

I have also on occasion (twice) taken a jitney to a location.

I say you give the new companies a fair chance to succeed.

Now I’ve been on the PSC website & can’t see a place to download or apply for a license.

I also heard you are considering raising rates in the 5% range for the current taxi fare structure. Which is all the more reason we need additional operator’s in the state.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Vernon J
11101 T Plz.
Omaha, NE 68137

Best, Better, Good

That is what the weather is going to be today.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

It is clear and 4 degrees right now, from what Ryan & the Action 3 News Team have indicated. That’s the best it is going to get weather wise.

Today is Thursday 02/20/V3.4 & we are just VIII days away from a new month.

Even though the weather will go to Better & Good, I still plan ot have a fantastic day. Going to work, then coming home. Looking forward to NASCAR & doing laundry. Invite is extended to come watch NASCAR with me, no you can’t do my laundry either. Nice Try.

The word of the day is salchow which is an ice-skating jump in which the skater leaps from the back inside edge of one skate, … landing on the back outside edge of the skate.

Well I just saw someone get pulled over by two police officers, so your day is off to a pretty good start already, Am I right?

This weekend should be fun, I talked about Friday. Don’t know if I mentioned that on Saturday I’m going to The Big N. #Norfolk, NE.

So yesterday I went to Infusion Brewing Company. I had a Vanilla Bean Blonde, now that was a good beer. The right amount of this & that to do something. I’m not a beer connoisseur so I can’t tell you all the things it does. It was just good beer.

Vanilla Bean Blonde

I like that when I type photos.domain.tld that my photo blog comes up before Google photos. I’m winning.

Well here’s to you continuing to have a good day.