13 Little Blue Envelopes

I had the privilege of reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson(www.MaureenJohnsonBooks.com). It was a free selection on my e-reader.  It was shorter than the last book I read, by about 500 pages.

The book is about a niece who’s aunt has recently passed away. She gets a letter with 4 rules & $1,000.  She must follow the rules, otherwise she can’t take the journey.

Of course she breaks the rules, because she can’t live by her Aunt’s rules.  It isn’t as bad as I make it seem.

It is a good book.

Vernon J’s Schedule for this week

Well what Vernon J is doing Monday has already been stated in a previous blog entry.
Tuesday – All About Omaha is having January Happy Hour at Max & Joe’s Belgian Beer Tavern which is a member of Beer Corner USA.  Where the BEST BAR in America is located.
Wednesday – I’m going to the Library to get my books, I need to go online & reserve em today.  Omaha’s Team is in action at 17:30 & 19:30.  Basketball at Sapp Fieldhouse, all the cool kids will be there.
Thursday – I’ll do some laundry, this is actually one of my nyr to do laundry on Thursday.  I will probably also go to the library.
Friday – The FNP is here & it a MAJOR sponsor this week.  Become a fan of Vernon 3.0 & Beyond for the BIG annoucment.
Saturday – Celebrate Nebraska 2011 is happening. The Governor’s Ball is that night.  YEAH!!!!

What are you doing this week?

This Book is made for reading NOT testing

Book Book
This is a book, title Sizzling Sixteen.

What class is this for? NONE.

Its pure entertainment value.

I read this book & there is NO homework, NO studying, & NO test.

I haven’t read a book since at least Thursday 04/01/V3.0.

OH how I’ve missed this.

Another one is in my Brain

So on Tuesday 03/16/V3.0 I finished reading When Day Breaks by Mary Jane Clark

The book follows the investigation of a murdered person. Good Read, I’ve seen Mary’s books in the library all the time. never took the time to get one, but I’ll have to get another one to read, & then another. So on & so forth

The Broker

I finished reading The Broker by John Grisham.

It’s has been awhile since I had been working on the election.  It feels good.

Life in ’09 is Lived in ’09.

Stone Cold by Robert B. Parker

Investigating a thrill-seeking pair of serial killers who are targeting the residents of an affluent suburban town, police chief Jesse Stone finds his job complicated by local politicians, the media, his drinking problem, and his ex-wife.

All I really have to say is don’t piss off the Chief of Police of Paradise Massachusets.

Map of Bones by James Rollins.

When several people are burned to death during the theft of a religious artifact, Gray Pierce, a new member of the U.S. SIGMA force, pursues a clandestine fraternity of alchemists who would use the artifact to establish a new world order.

I think I finshed this book either Monday or Tuesday, I don’t know which.  It was a good book, I think I started reading it before HP7, but of corsed finished it after said book.  It is in a Series called Sigma Force noves.  Really good, I have started book no. 2.