Don’t Do It

Good Morning & Happy 2013,

Oh, you already fell?

Today is Tuesday 12/31/V3.4 & it is time for an adventure.

The reporter Brittany from Utah was reporting live and passed out and fell down. Read the Twin Tested Blog – B&B

The word of the day is sozzled which is drunk; inebriated. I won’t get sozzled tonight, or any weeknight this week. I gotta work tomorrow, you know cause it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I was planning to go to the Omaha Public Library to pick up my reservations. Almost about the time I was planning to leave I remembered that The Benson Branch was closed. So today I will actually do that.

I just finished reading Theft of Swords Author Michael J. Sullivan’s Official Website: Books, I read 3/5ths of the series so far. I’ve also started a new series. The Merchant Princes by Charles Stross. I do love reading like I love me some delicious Ice Cream.

I don’t have any firm plans for the weekend either. Thursday is laundry day, Friday & Saturday back to work. But I could be convinced to do something. You know how to reach me :-).

Have a fantastic day.

Two Things

There are Two Things & one of those isn’t a plan.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

The other is saying what I just said in French.

Today is Tuesday 12/17/V3.4 & it is tape dispenser reconnaissance day.

GAME has the Ugly Christmas Party today & a white elephant exchange. I’ve got the perfect gift, I would say.

It is also Pint Night, I’m hoping that undisclosed person(s) are there tonight. Yesterday was fun Team Vernon J had a good time.

The word of the day is cathexis which is the investment of emotional significance in an activity, object, or idea.

Well I’m now an Associate Trainer at work. If we are connected on LinkedIn (or is it Linked In?); you would already know this. I’m Vernon J on there let’s connect.

Yesterday I forgot to take my book to work. That’s a real problem, during at work is a boring thing to do. I brought it today. I’m reading The Crown Tower by Michael Sullivan. It is book 4 or 1 in the Riyria Chronicles. Check it out Omaha Public Library had copies, cause that is where I got mines. Getting lots of reading done.

Lunch is delicious had some Sun Chips Brand® Garden Salsa™ with my sammich & orange.

Just less than IV hours of work left.

Good Fuel

My next book contains 562 pages of reading. Freedom by Jonathan Frazen. Let’s enjoy.

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

I hope your day is Great, Stupendous, Amazing, which ever word you choose to use.

Today is Friday 11/29/V3.4 & we are packing November’s coat, so it can go on a vacation.

The word of the day is wight which is active; nimble.

Peace Time

The Hour of the Tiger.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

My game has peace time, apparently you can’t attack during that time.

Today is Thursday 11/28/V3.4 & in the United States of America it is Thanksgiving.

I would like to give a shoutout to the people that are working this Thanksgiving and making the most of it. For Team Vernon J it is business as usual. We have eaten breakfast, we have made the bed, the laundry is in.

I’ve also had the pleasure of washing dishes today. I’ve also rewatched Eurotrip, No relation to Road Trip.

The word of the day is borborygmus which is a rumbling or gurgling sound caused by the movement of gas in the intestines. Everyday I be borborygmus’n

I read A Guile of Dragons over the last week. I’m also rereading Mockingjay at the same time. After seeing the 2nd movie, I want to reread the book.

I’m looking forward to making Italian Sausage Soup, I undryed the Great Northern Beans last night.

What are you doing today?

All in time

All in time & it’ll be mine.

Today is Saturday 11/23/V3.4 & I’m going back to New Orleans.

I don’t know what all is, when we figure it out. You will be the 3rd – nth person to find out.

Let’s start this off strong. I went & saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The Gamemaker, Haymitch, & others had a plan to rescue Katness from the Arena.

They ended the movie with Katness finding out District 12 had been demolished. I was like you cant end it there. I then went back & read the last chapter of the book. It was just how they described it.

The word of the day is tenuity which is thinness of consistency; rarefied condition.

I’m not going to New Orleans. The only place I’ll be going is home, g-store, possible the hockey game & the bar.

The rest of the day was great as well.

Got my hair done, ate, worked, laughed & lived.

Spoilers & The Hunger Games

So people will start seeing The Hunger Games: Catching fire in just over an hour.

People are entitled to talk about the movie as soon as they get out of it. On the internet, in person, in the newspaper.

There are 2 reasons that this is possible.

A: Prince Edward said so: This is my word… and as such is beyond contestation.
B. It was a book, if you want to read the book. Visit Omaha Public Library to make a reservation and check out the book and read it.

There I SAID IT!

Taking Steps

We are going to take steps to be awesome.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday. Today is a I fixed the display issue day.

Today is 11/20/V3.4.

Last day of the work frame. I think I might pull up laundry day to tonight. Maybe some of it, I can put the last load in at 22.00. The reason I’d do it today is so I could go see About Time tomorrow.

Aksarben Cinema has a 1035 show. O have an appointment in the ending time frame. See how life works out for you when you do some planning?

The word of the day is irredentist which is a member of a party in any country advocating the acquisition of some region included in another country.

Yesterday was a fine day. Work, food, & friends.

I finished reading Terry Goodkind’s Third Kingdom. Another good book by Terry. I then went to the Benson Branch to get some new ones.
I’ve never read this authors before. So it wad just some random picks. That is why I got four. I did pick A Guile of Dragons. Dragons are majestic vicious killing machines. I hope it is about Dragons.

I also got to hangout with a dog today.

What’s going on this weekend?

The Biggest

From Chris Christie & Others. Leadership is much more about Listening than talking.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday Folks. Today is Wednesday 11/06/V3.4 & it is Andrea’s, Mike’s, and Melinda’s Birthday. Celebrate with them.

How are you going to make this The Biggest day of the week?

I’m excited to be excited

The word of the day is adscititious which is added or derived from an external source; additional.

Yesterday was a good & healthy day.

So yesterday I mentioned a TOP secret project. Well I’m here to tell you what that secret is now. I went to the Willa Cather Branch of the Omaha Public Library and picked up The Third Kingdom by Terry Goodkind. I also returned two books. Nothing fancy or secret about me.

So yesterday I went to The Berry & Rye establishment. It is a quiet fancy place. The drinks are not under $5, the atmosphere is what you are paying for. The water is Gluten Free, if you are ever in the area stop by.

Well that’s it for now. More on later additions of WVJN.

We Continue

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

We Continue our march to happiness.

Today is Monday 09/09/V3.4 & it is my 1/4 Birthday!

I start reading In Cold Blood today, it is the book for Omaha Reads. Visit Omaha Reads Events get in on the fun. I just finished reading Confessor, it was the last book in the Sword of Truth series. He has now written a couple more and they are on the waiting list at the Omaha Public Library.

Tennis was pretty great yesterday. We are doing it again next Sunday, you should join us.

The word of the day is peplum which is a short full flounce below the waist, covering the hips.

The Monday workers join us in the game. But in 3 weeks I’ll be one of you. Starting on the 29th I’ll be working M – W & F with a Saturday. Still have Thursday off for Laundry, I’ll be starting at 0700.

Well we have our neighborhood association meeting today.

Make it a GREAT Day!