If today

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

If today is the day you want to get it done, I thing you should do it.

Today is Wednesday 09/19/V3.3 & It starts with a Hello.

Well I got work today, then I got more work today.

The numbers that matter are somewhere around 42/60. At 1 job the work I do in 42 mins covers a full 60. YES the 42 is the part-time job. I shouldn’t have done the math.

The word of the day is bollix which is to do (something) badly; bungle (often followed by up): Why I have a new word I can use cause I’m a gentlemen.

I’ve watched the Mitt’s 47% video. Even if you disagree with his comments. YOU know what Barack has done, he has had 1,338 days since Tuesday 01/20/2009 at 11.01 VST. We know what he can & can’t do. It is time to give someone else a chance. Would you go back to an ex-romantic partner, or employer that didn’t do write by you?

I’ll take that as a now, if it isn’t a NO. Then don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Have a GREAT day!!

My Evening Report

Good Afternoon, Evening, & Morning. & Happy NOW!

I won’t to make sure that I get all my readers in the time that they read this.

Well the new job will be worth it. I get to walk around, say hillo to people.

I get to work again on Wednesday 09/19/V3.3, so tomorrow(Tuesday 09/18/V3.3) is just 8 hours.

What else shall I include in this evening report, I’m currently preparing this at 13.02, so I still have about 10 hours before my day is over. OH!!!

I promised you a funny story.

So me & (unnamed person) was walking.

She indicated that all guys are immature except (WAIT FOR IT) ME. Yeah, I laughed too. I thought that was funny, cause I might be immature. I’m just a really good actor I guess.

A sexy beast, that is what was getting out of my car early.

I had a good day at work (the main job), nothing to report.

So if you tuned into my twitter posts during the noon hour on Monday 09/17/V3.3 you know I stuck Blake between the kisses.

I would like to share this with you now, okay. I’m just posting YouTube videos, don’t get too happy.

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My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Sunday,

Today is Sunday 09/16/V3.3 & it was a NASCAR kinda day.

I got to watch NASCAR, YEAH!

I didn’t go to help Richard out, he didn’t call. That’s okay I got my nap in.

I did go for a walk, it was good.

I came home & watched like 3 episodes of Revenge.

I also played some NHL 2K9 & my Carolina Hurricanes lost to the New York Islanders 6 to 2. We scored 1st & 4th.

After I post this report, I’ll be going to bed. Tomorrow is Monday 09/17/V3.2. I start my new job at 09.00. I have to be up earlier than the previous month or 6 weeks.

I also have to work at First Data, cause I get Saturday off. Thanks Yolanda, she did a shift trade fro me.

That’s all from 681V1 for this 100th day. I don’t remember what I did 100 days ago.

Have a Fantastic Monday!

So Many Places

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

So many places we could’ve went with that I’ll just go with okay!

Today is Saturday 09/15/V3.3 & it is a FD-Free.

If you don’t follow me on twitter then that’s why you don’t understand. I would say that it was posted between 07.49 & 07.56. It also involved Aggemini08. I lead your butt to the water, now follow me on twitter.

I would say this is my funny tweet of the day. Yeah, I created it & I still think it is funny.

The word of the day is quail is to lose heart or courage in difficulty or danger; shrink with fear.

There shall be no quailing today, is that the adverb of quail. Yeah, that’s right I dropped an adverb on you. Cause that’s how we are doing it today.

Well I have to be somewhere in 1.54 hours, so the champ better get in the kitchen.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Tuesday. So I found this note at about 86th & Dodge.


I sure hope this person or persons got done what they got done what they needed on Monday! It was a wonderful ride in, if you follow me on instagram, twitter, or foursquare. You know all about it. Well work starts in 15 mins, so I better get to it. Tase Me Bro. Someone did say they didn’t bite, but if they did then I could get a work place injury.

The day was good.

I officially became the Vice President of Communication for Omaha Young Republicans. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I will do Omaha YR proud.

I rode home, it isn’t suppose to rain today so I had to get in the ride. Expecting rain tomorrow & Thursday, so I’m not going to be riding.

Apparently yesterday I violated some tos by posting my phone number on a website. OH WELL!

So as I’m riding home I get to 72nd & Dodge. A authorized official of the Omaha Police Department stopped in FRONT of the stop line, then he or she decided to turn on the lights and go though the intersection. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an emergency. That reminds me of the person who was at 72nd & Dodge Southbound who was stopped in front of the line. What is the world coming to, & why can’t people drive?

I hope you have a GREAT Wednesday. I know we will.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Monday,

This is just another day in the greatness that is the world we live in.

I don’t know what else to provide you with in this report.

I had a good day.

It was a day off of my main job.

I start training for my 3rd job on Monday 09/17/V3.3 at 09.00. I also have to work that day, cause I need Saturday 09/22/V3.3.

I also have Saturday 09/15/V3.3 off, so I can go to work at my other job.

IF you are counting that is IV jobs total. I don’t have to mention what job IV is, but that is going well so far.

Have a great Tuesday.

Remember we are free, no mater what people have done to us.

I know, I know

Good Morning & Happy Weekend.

I know that you ‘love me’, I know that someday I’ll meet you.

Today is Thursday 07/05/V3.2 & it is the #weekend.

Well I’m watching Morning Blend Omaha right now. I’m going to post this blog & then go wash dishes. Eat breakfast & then go do laundry.

The word of the day is stymie which is to hinder, block, or thwart. I think that was the word of the day, checking. Nope it is the total opposite of yesterday’s word of the day.

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Kidnap 06-01


The current time is 14.09.
My current location is 10910 Mill Valley Rd. Omaha, NE.

I have on this:


My break/lunch is at 16.30, 18.45, 21.15.

If you & ‘a friend’ were to “kidnap” me during one of those times. It would be okay.

Spinach Dip

So today I made spinach dip today.


That is the onion I used. I don’t have a finished picture of it right now (13.39 VST). I’ll edit & include one after this initial posting.

We are having food day at work.

The ingredients are spinach, onions, red pepper, garlic, salt, cumin, mayo, and sour cream.

It is currently sitting on the work station being iced down.

Everyone enjoyed the dip. image