No Straw … More Plastic?

This means customers are at best breaking even under Starbucks’ strawless scheme, or they are adding between .32 and .88 grams to their plastic consumption per drink. Given that customers are going to use a mix of the larger and smaller nitro lids, Starbucks’ plastic consumption is bound to increase, although it’s anybody’s guess as to how much.

Is it better for the environment?

At most, straws account for about 2,000 tons of the 9 million tons of plastic that are estimated to enter the ocean each year, according to the Associated Press—.02 percent of all plastic waste. The pollution problem posed by straws looks even smaller when considering that the United States is responsible for about one percent of plastic waste entering the oceans, with straws being a smaller percentage still.

3 % increase

The Mayor of the City of Lincoln has purposed a 3% increase in several staff members.

For example, no one on the City Council knew Hoppe got an 8 percent raise last year, she said. “We never voted on that increase,” because the exact number was not listed in the previous two-year budget.

As portions of the article say, it is just a proposal & that there was a raise or two not approved by the City Council.

Last time I check, there is a system of checks and balances in the Mayoral – City Council structure.

Please, just don’t!

Its homepage says the group “is dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.”

Advancing the vision? More like advancing the candidate who collected those votes despite not having a vision.

Their reasons are no surprise: Her moment has passed, she was a terrible candidate and her endless claims of victimhood are tiring rather than inspiring. It’s time to find new blood.

Federal judge strikes down ‘troubling’ California sanctuary state law, upholds two others | Fox News

Calling that provision a “troubling” restraint that places employers in a “precarious situation,” Mendez said the state had overstepped its authority by “impermissibly discriminat[ing] against those who choose to deal with” federal authorities.

Doing Business

Yes as a business owner and/or operator you have the right ot refuse service to anyone.

But those anyone’s are more and there is someone who will serve them.

As a someone don’t go to a business, get refused service, and then run to the Government for relief. Just go somewhere else.

Patrons & business have to learn that.

In this case Sarah was not the one in the wrong, the business owner was.