MTU/NMU Hockey

Who is gonna win tonight, YOU DAMN right the Northern Wildcats are. We are 2-1 at the end of the 1st period


So I am going to leave Marquette on Wenseday. I am going to take a bus to Chicago, then from there I don’t know where. I am just not happy in Marquette anymore, haven’t been for awhile. I could go out to Lincoln and apply at UNL, or I could go somewhere else. Anybody got a suggestion for a man without much hope?

Pisses me off

you are a good person, you just piss me off sometimes about this stinky relationship , me
I don’t try to, her
you meant not try to but you sure aren’t trying not to, me


So I was talking to this guy about my problem. He had the assumption that she meant be scared to admit we should get back together. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! That would piss me off more!!!

She e-mailed me

I don’t have any problems and i can deal with my feelings and you are the one with the mixed signals not me. You say that you don’t want to talk and then you do want to talk. what the hell is that.

AAAAAH, there was this song by the Jackson’s called Scream that’s what I want to do.

1 day

I didn’t talk to Rebecca today, but I did check her away status twice.