Lawyer Stuff

I was talking to a lawyer, who was a prosecutor in a city founded in 1833. We were discussing her previous employment.

I asked her if she still did lawyer stuff.

I think that is called practicing law.


Uh, 100% of the ballots cast in #lnk didn’t vote for the tax question?


Your Government was asking you if you wanted to raise the amount you pay in taxes and you couldn’t tell them yes or no.

No on TIF

NO on TIF, NO additional TIF projects

No extension of the current TIF Criteria

In 2017 the #TIF for the City of Omaha was $44,668,238.
Do we really want to extend this tax reductions for 5 additional years?
Senator @JustinTWayne has a proposed constitutional amendment.
I think this should NOT be approved by the legislature.

A full report of TIF projects can be accessed here –

No to Elizabeth Warren


None of these companies are utilities or required use of service.

You don’t have to pay for these services, you will be gone to not use them throughout your day.

Yes they are convenient, but each has competition.

This isn’t the Government acting, but you can imagine that she might propose this as the President.