Unsolicited Mail

Sending me Unsolicited Mail, is like sending me a friend request on ‘that’ social network without pre-approval.
I’m not going to name names, but address is fine 3606 N. 1st St., Lincoln, NE.
Your mail was put back in the mailbox, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

My healthcare

My insurance premium went down AT LEAST $240.00 a year over the 2020 rates.

With no changes to benefit, deductions, co-insurance etc.

BTW this plan isn’t ACA Approved. Which my work insurance changed drastically when the ACA passed.

Thanks FREE Market.


CDC retracts its take on coronavirus spread | National News | omaha.com

When I post something on this site. There are no levels of idea/draft, revisions, legal, or, etc.

It’s just my thoughts on the subject.

But when a agency the size of (any Government department) post something. There has already been layers upon layers of approval.

So the claim that it wasn’t reviewed by another department doesn’t hold water.