How do we save social security

Do we need to reduce/change benefit amounts – Yes

Do we need to increase contributions – Yes

Do we need to continue to increase the distribution age of the receipt – Yes

I have a plan.

Eliminate the cap on how much money you earn & pay taxes on.

Increase the retirement distribution age 1.25 every year. from the birth year, as of bill signing.

Segregate persons into groups of 20 years 1 day old to 20, 20.01 to 40, 40.01 to 60, 60.01 to death

Anybody not born doesn’t contribute to SSI

2nd group contribute 10% of the standard rate for 30 years & receive no benefits.

3rd group contribute 30 to 50% of the standard rate & receive 30 to 50% of the current benefit rate

4th group & 5th group no changes.

That’s my plan.