Yes we have

According to some people.

We aren’t/haven’t been living up to the idea of America.

Mr. Biden I present you the following.

A young man (25 y.o.) moves to a different state in America.

No friends, family, or connections in that state.

Several years later is a Manager of a store of a International brand, has many friends, a pretty good life.

That guy is Vernon J.

Unsolicited Mail

Sending me Unsolicited Mail, is like sending me a friend request on ‘that’ social network without pre-approval.
I’m not going to name names, but address is fine 3606 N. 1st St., Lincoln, NE.
Your mail was put back in the mailbox, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

My healthcare

My insurance premium went down AT LEAST $240.00 a year over the 2020 rates.

With no changes to benefit, deductions, co-insurance etc.

BTW this plan isn’t ACA Approved. Which my work insurance changed drastically when the ACA passed.

Thanks FREE Market.