The Public Pulse: Remember foster children

A 6-year-old girl, who is a foster child, was telling me about how her foster brother is not able to live with her anymore. It was heartbreaking to hear her talk about him having to leave, but what surprised me was how thankful this little girl was despite the circumstances she was in. I have never coached anyone else like this, and I truly think it is because she was placed in such a great environment.

I’m a former foster child. A GREAT environment does make it (life) easier.

2019 & Beyond

I need to go on a cruise.

Giant new Carnival ship coming in 2020 will have a roller coaster. Really

Leadership Style

yi de fu ren

“But my father taught me one thing, in Chinese, it’s ‘yi de fu ren’ — that means you want people to obey you, not because of your authority, not because of your power, or because you are fierce, but more because of your integrity, your quality, that people actually respect you and listen to you.”

“So, ‘yi de fu ren’ is a very difficult thing to do, but I think I’m slowly learning it.”

Bad driver alert

Bad driver alert.

This driver has issues following the rules of be there road.

Northbound on 13th between Highway 2 and South St.

Speeding to merge left after warning signs are posted.

Late lane changing.

You’ve been alerted

Day Off

There are LOTS of Joy of working at #Dunkin‘ on campus at #UNL.
One of those will happen on Wednesday, because the building I work in is closed.
Thanks President Donald J. Trump & Governor Pete Ricketts. #DayOff in the middle of the week. #HumpDay.