One City One School

A 10 point difference in City of #Omaha high schools. A pretty good argument for One City, One School. #Nebraska

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ACT & correlation with poverty 2018 by school | Flourish

Vote no on 427

3 reasons to #vote no on 427:

(3) The Department of Health and Human Services shall take all actions necessary to
maximize federal financial participation in funding medical assistance pursuant to this section.
(4) No greater or additional burdens or restrictions on eligibility, enrollment, benefits, or
access to health care services shall be imposed on persons eligible for medical assistance
pursuant to this section than on any other population eligible for medical assistance.
(5) This section shall apply notwithstanding any other provision of law or federal waiver.

These are from the text of the initiative.

Costs, costs, costs.

There isn’t a darn thing that we can do about this if it is passed.

FULL details of the initiative are here –

The Case Against Free College Tuition

The most recent National Student Clearinghouse data show that 47% of community college enrollees drop out of school, far more than the 27% who graduate (others are still in school). Other research shows that completion rates fall the less students pay towards the cost, hinting that free tuition might raise already scandalously high dropout rates.