Let me

Let me point out two things about this article – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-31/trump-health-department-is-said-to-slash-obamacare-ad-budget

similar to other insurance pools, are designed around the idea that healthy people’s premiums help subsidize the sick. Advertising helps attract those healthy people

That’s hilarious. No healthy people don’t sign up for more insurance they don’t need. Nobody gets FULL coverage on a 25 year old car, even though they are classic according to Nebraska law.

The Trump administration, however, withdrew about $5 million of ads at the end of the 2017 sign-up period, which likely contributed to the enrollment decline.

NOW, I questing this without clicking the link. BUT Donald J Trump wasn’t President until Jan 20th, 2017.

The enrollment period ended 01/31/2017, yes I RTA.

Now let’s look at the other program they are making cuts to “navigator”. It enrolled 81,426 people at a cost of $62,500,000.

That’s $767.57 per person.

More math.

Last year there was $100,000,000 on advertising & 12,200,000 people enrolled that’s $8.20 per person.

I say the navigator program is ineffective & should be cut even more. Let’s be generous & say it can be $15 per person, based on last year’s number that would be $1,221,390.

I just saved the Government $369,036,10