Interaction on Free Speech

I’m sure some of you have seen the videos of the recent interaction between a Turning Point USA representative who also happens to be a University of Nebraska student.
The President of the University has released the following statement.

we had an opportunity to model how differing opinions can be exchanged with civility, respect and dignity. It appears that opportunity was missed. I

Hank Bounds is President of the University, not ‘president’ or Chancellor of the campus. Yes i’ve contacted the news outlet to correct the headline.

President Bounds is correct in his statement about the missed opportunity.

Kaitlyn Mullen I hope you have better interactions with University faculty and staff in the future.

Keep helping make America a place where Less Government is the norm.


Idon’t care about beauty, but she is? 

From a website.

9. Let’s be real, we’re all guilty of using filters on our photos in order to add a little bit of “beauty” to our faces…but don’t always believe what you …

Medical Survey

#PRC called about the Medical Services in the area.
Who’s the best, etc?
Also I don’t know which hospital my PCP had admitting privileges too.

Sorry, Corey, not so good!

According to the Colorado Department of Public Safety, arrests in Colorado of black and Latino youth for marijuana possession have increased 58% and 29% respectively after legalization. This means that Black and Latino youth are being arrested more for marijuana possession after it became legal.

That’s fine

I just have say this.


If you call a Guest Relations line, that’s fine.
If you call the Manager of a location on their personal number(which corporate wouldn’t have), that’s less fine.

If when you call the Guest Relations Line, say you don’t want to leave your contact information, that’s also fine.

BUT don’t expect the Manager to be Happy.

I also got offered to go on a #date today.



Hi Monday, friends, associates, & people I haven’t met yet. 

Let’s start the week with a bang & a #smile.