The NEW Healthcare Bill

Here is the 2017 & Beyond Healthcare Bill for America.

  1. Repeal the Act know as Affordable Healthcare Act & any associated bills, acts, resolutions, administration regulations, executive orders et al.
  2. The Government of The United States of America ‘the federal government’ will continue to operate & only operate Medicare & Medicaid.
  3. Individual, Family, Group healthcare plans will be operated by individuals, associations, and/or companies that are not a function of any government agency of any level.
  4. If a state or territory so desires to operate a department of insurance they can do so at the will of the people of that state or territory.

Spiderman: Homecoming

I went & saw Spiderman: Homecoming.

Seat B9.

When you plan your movie going badly, you get the 1st row.

It was a good movie, funny.

Thanks for NOT ruining the surprise.

Grow Nebraska

It’s the task of the planning committee to figure out how to make Nebraska viable in the Omaha and Lincoln areas, at least sustainable in the towns that are around 20,000 population, and to continue agricultural production with fewer people, he said.

How do we grow our great state, metro & non-metro areas?