Our local paper ran an editorial on the Deb Fischer for US Senate Event.

I am no way unbaiased in what happened prior to & during the event.

I made calls to strong Republican voters extending an invitation to come to the announcement.

Somehow Indivisible Lincoln got ahold of the url to request a ticket.

So they registered for a ticket as it was a & printed out a ticket.

Yes there was a list, as any event has.

People who were truly invited, were allowed in.

A scalped or counterfeit ticket, is a ticket to the event. BUT the promoter has the right to refuse entry, just as the Lincoln Police Officer said.

There was no inappropriate behavior on the campaign of Deb Fischer for US Senate.

Build It

The Nebraska PSC will likely be the last government entity in the nation to deliberate on Keystone XL. It’s time for Nebraska to end this debate, approve the pipeline and reap the benefits.

From J.P. Sabby

I’ve supported the Keystone XL pipeline since it was first announced.

It is time to Build It.

New Degree

Guess who’s getting an unofficial updated degree, with no additional coursework?

Vernon J
Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies.
University of Nebraska Omaha Class of 2010
Blood & Attitude Type B+

See the press release –

The Share/Overshare

Dear @ap
​I’m writing to request you modify the text that is inserted via the quick share button.
It is too many characters for Twitter for sure.
Also who wants all that text directing someone to download the app when that could be included somewhere else after they get to the story?

8 Time

Here it is, all 8 plaques from my continued domination of the Santa Lucia Festival Cannoli Eating Competition.