Omaha, NO Street Car ‘system’

City of #Omaha residents. Tell Mayor Stothert, City Council, & the yet to be named advisory committee you don’t want this.

Let’s look at some numbers. This story says this will costs $156,000,000 for this project. The 2016 Appropriated budget for Street Maintenance & Major Street Surfacing is 33,100,057…/2016_Section_F…).

Now those are pure $ numbers, but lets estimate $/Mile. The Public Works Department spends about 7,355.57 per mile to maintain the current infrastructure.

Based on the proposed route TDAPO to Don & Millies that is about 3.1 miles, I gave it 3.5 miles. The cost per mile for this adventure is 44,571,428.57.

Also The Transit Authority of the City of Omaha budget is 27,958,646

That’s quite an expensive project.