Our Song

​Check out Keep on Singin’ My Song by Christina Aguilera http://ow.ly/IU0J100kz33

Let’s sing it Christina. 

The Divorce

​As ‘we recover’ from the news of Angelina & Brad dissolution of marriage. Let’s focus on 3 things. 

  • There are children involved & we want the best for them. 
  • They have done good works throughout the world, let’s hope that continues. 
  • Most importantly, let’s remember. It ain’t any of my, yours, or the media’s business. 

Thanks for reading

Not this time. 

The criteria of the 2016 Presidential Debates were established on ‘October 28, 2015 its 2016 Non-Partisan Candidate Selection Criteria.’ from http://debates.org/index.php?page=overview 

Your candidate didn’t meet the criteria. 

What factual evidence do you have that he or she met the criteria? #LetGaryDebate? because ‘I feel’*

You can feel however you want, just know feelings & facts don’t always co-exist.

Phone off, so? 

​My phone turned off woke I was sleeping. 

For some people that would be an issue.

Like other people, I use my alarm to get up and start my day.

Apparently that doesn’t matter, my body woke up 8 mins prior to the alarm today. 

Thanks you highly functioning body.