Yesterd …

Yesterday was a good time.

I worked some, I went to Omaha.

I had a few, got to sing some karaoke, which we know is always a good time.

Thanks Jim & Mandi.

New plates

Hey #Nebraska (people who hate (or dislike) the new plates.

I just saw the plates from the 26th state admitted to the union.

YOu know what the plates had on them ‘pure Michigan’ they also had blue.


See how they read Michigan?


See how it has blue & gold.

Can we be dune with this?

Oh, they did.

Someone. #BlueBunny changed the packaging.


1.36L’s now.

They have therefore raised the price.

You ain’t fooling me.

Just might switch brand now.

Let’s do this

& the Crowd Goes Wild

We are ready to call it. Happy #FNP, let’s get it started.


You’re NOT

Did someone compare, #OccupyWallstreet & #BlackLivesMatter? But then she also considers herself to one of the small people..

Also Judge Jeanine Pirro, no one would consider you a small person.


More Confused

After watching the Director of ICE respond to Senator Ben Sasse, I’m not any less confused.

Link to YouTube video

Today at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sarah Saldana, the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), answered pointed questions from U.S. Senator Ben Sasse regarding the death of 21-year old Sarah Root, who was killed in Omaha by an illegal alien.

I’m not sure she is any less confused either.


Day 13,426

A Good Day with friends, associates, & time.

Thanks to Jim for picking up my Omaha product.

Thanks to Nicole & Jim, for good time & laughs at my favorite Bar Crescent Moon.

I’m thankful to see friends & associates like Chris, Chuck, Rod, & Lenora.

I also got to see London has Fallen, a good movie. No matter what anyone says or puts on the internet.


Love It.

I #LOVE this song.

It really says alot.

When I’m feeling really good, I play it.