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Country Crock will not be joining our team, they list more than 2 ingredients.

If you are blaming @CountryCrock for tasting weird, #FreshIsBetter, you shouldn’t have been using Country Crock to start with.

As a rule of thumb, just know that I am a good cook.

I have NEVER bought Country Crock since I’ve lived/visit in Omaha for the first time. September 2004. I can’t be held responsible if my parents used that crap & I didn’t know any better.

I would wager that I haven’t actually brought any since I got my 1st place in March of 97, but that might be going out on a stretch.

I’m with #TeamButter & if the new Country Crock Simple Recipe is 100% butter than they are welcome to join #TeamButter with us.

“You Have Ruined Waffles”: Many Country Crock Customers Up In Arms Over Spread’s New Recip

That’s what happened

Well, Well, Well, Derek Jeter did the ole Bait & Switch on Barack Obama. It’d be awkward if that happened to a large group of people who believed what you said & voted for you.

We’ll start with the Affordable Care Act.