Good Morning & Happy Monday,

If you can’t read up & down, without reading left. My weekend was great.

Today is the 9th day of March & we are 3 months away from MY BIRTHDAY!! It is on a Tuesday.

So as I’m reading a website a link comes up with¬†What is ‘natural’ food?, USDA “must be minimally processed.” is fine, but minimally is a subjective term. FDA ¬†well you’re doing a great job, by the way you should just be the Drug Administration, let USDA handle the Food.

So the definition of Natural should be. Items that come from animals or plants. ie Food that is grown, NOT manufactured. I’ll be e-mailing Michele.

I’m a hard working man, closed Saturday at Dunkin’. This week I’ll be closing Friday & Saturday. The shift leaders have agreed that once every three weeks we’ll close every Friday & Saturday. I think that’ll be great, we can have social lives. I’ve also taken on additional responsibilities. Stay Tuned to this blog for additional news coming up soon.

I’m scheduled for 70.5 hours this week, but we are already at 73.5 hours due to actions beyond my control.

Have a Great Day. Thursday Date Night is still open.