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Same-sex marriages will not be happening in #Nebraska on Monday.

I’m not surprised by this as it is still the law of Nebraskaland & I don’t think a judge should overturn a decision made by the people of Nebraska.

The process is very complicated.

  • Gather signatures
  • Get a majority of people to vote for it

A Judge shouldn’t overturn it because he feels that way.


Thankful for #ACHM!!!!

More details to x – 8 people, cause only 9 people know at this point. (no she didn’t agree to marry me yet), I wouldn’t be so coy about that.

Hardwork, trust, respect pays off.


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So I commented on a post by The Democrats yesterday.

I didn’t know Ben’s official position on Gay people who live in America or other countries.

Well Ben posted a explanation later in the day.