healthcare insurance reform

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) today renewed her fight to repeal Obamacare and replace it with her proposal to allow consumers to shop for insurance across state lines. Blackburn introduced H.R. 543, the Health Care Choice Act of 2015, which would empower consumers by giving them the ability to purchase affordable health insurance coverage with a range of options. The bill has 14 original cosponsors.


I’m not about a Fad Diet.

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

I did a little research on what a fad diet is. It has to meet 1 or more of these categories. Is that what your diet is about?

  1. A particular food or food group is exaggerated and purported to cure specific diseases.
  2. Foods are eliminated from an individual’s diet because they are viewed as harmful.
  3. An emphasis is placed on eating certain foods to express a particular lifestyle.

Well I can tell you I’m not about that life. I eat a well balanced diet.

This morning i had rice, eggs, bacon, a 100% Fruit Smoothie. For lunch I have meat, cheese, romaine lettuce, on 12-grain bread. I’m About that Life of eating healthy.

The word of the day is fiddlestick which is anything; a bit.

I had an amazing Weekend & Sunday. I had the day off on Thursday, Friday I went to work, went to Godfather’s Pizza, went & saw Mortdecai Thanks Melissa for inviting me out. It was a great time & movie. Saturday didn’t do much but work and chat with friends. Online & on the phone. Much of the same Sunday, except a 2+ hour nap. I should’ve set an alarm on that one.

I’m looking forward to this week. Back to seven days of work. Holidays over. Filling my taxes Saturday or Sunday on break.

Tuesday we have an election for Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party. 1900 @ Comfort Inn.

Wednesday, & Friday I don’t have any plans.

Thursday I work, laugh, smile.

What do you have going on?

NOT Good

This week’s WORST @Po


I don’t like it that they are saying they are happier than their friends. OF course I don’t know the entire story.

But being married (in a relationship) is a happy time. I’m sure!


Sad: you and 17,600 Target Canada employees are losing your jobs. Spiffy: you’re splitting $56 million in severance pay. Sick: the ex-CEO who killed the company is getting $61 million in severance pay himself

I don’t like this behavior at all. I’m NOT a fan of multi-million dollar severance packages, or sign-on packages.

When I started for First Data, the only sign-on bonus I got was the chance to take & pass a drug test. Frank’s information on employment is public record.

I’m sure if I was to leave (without my agreement, ie fired). I would not get a package. I might not even get my unused vacation. Which is standard procedure.

Businesses are private & can do what they want. BUT there is no good reason for these.