Oh yeah

Yesterday was a grand day.

If you haven’t heard it yet, good morning & Happy Wednesday folks.

Work was good, movie was better, the event was great that I attended.

Today is the 22 day of October in the 36th year of Vernon J.

I forgot about Pint Night last night. The event I went to took priority. Also my text messaging was down so i didn’t get the where are you alert.

The word of the day isĀ pavonine which is of or like a peacock.

Well today starts the 7/2 vacation plan. I’m on vacation from First Data, picking up some shifts at Dunkin’ Donuts. Tomorrow I’ll be there from 0515 to 1200, Friday from 0700 to 1400. Stop by for an Iced Hazelnut Dark Roast with cream & sugar, or whatever you’re drinking.

I’ve got 8 hours to do today.

What’s in your agenda?