State Sen. Nasheed arrested at protest in Ferguson, still in jail Tuesday morning : News

“She was the only one marching by herself and some dude she marched with,” he said. “All of us protesting have been here all day. Then she shows up maybe 15 minutes ago, starting this crap. She was not over here protesting with us at all.”

Her actions don’t prove anything.

The people doing the peaceful & orderly demostrations are good to hear.

Her 10 year mandatory sentence  for a conviction with a gun crime will be interesting. I’ll have to follow up to deer if it is signed into law.

Day 21st of the Month

Oh, that was an interesting development last night.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

Ask me about it, I’m not ready to share on my blog.

Today is Tuesday the 21st day of October in the 36th year of Vernon J.

The second of the day – Natasha Bedingfield – I Wanna Have Your Babies: Apparently this song isn’t available in my country via Google play music. Oh, Well! Is a good song.

The word of the day is realpolitik which is political realism or practical politics.

Happy 24th Birthday to Sarah.
Happy Birthday to Lisa.

You never know how your week is going to go. My plans changed for today after I got home last night.

What do you have Anakin?

So an Omaha Police Officer decided that he or she was too good to wait for the light to change. Turned on their light bar to just go though the light. A real shame & disrespectful to me & the other lawbiding citizens.

Have a good day folks.