It’s Coming

When it snows:

From Matt Makens 24/7 Weather. Apparently this man never sleeps.
Thanks to John fur posting this.

Good Afternoon Omaha. At what point is it evening?

A good day at work today. I worked getting counter all day.

Today is the 12th day of October in my 36th year.

I got up this morning & did dishes before work. When I’m able (choose to) do something like that before work it feels good. I like being productive.

I was planning to make some chili, as I’m leaving I’m like. I’ll do pulled chicken instead of turkey. Tina made some are instead. That’s fine by me.

I chilled on the couch & took a couple of naps.

I watched the NASCAR race last night after church. I got mentioned on Twitter by the official account.

Well I’m excited for this week.

Work 10 tomorrow & Tuesday.

Tuesday is also the October meeting for the Omaha Young Republicans. We week be making calls at the Nebraska GOP Victory office.

Wednesday I’m free after I volunteer at Food Bank for the Heartland. I’ll do my six hour shift.

Thursday & Friday I work both jobs. 1800 on Thursday & 1600 on Friday.

What do you got going on?

How was your weekend?


This is why yelling, using, saying it is racist needs to be weighed with a careful scale.

Also Religion isn’t a race.

I’m glad to see that she will serve time for filing a false police report. Also glad to see that this officer’s career wasn’t negatively impacted by this case.