Oh Hump Day

Good Afternoon.

Did you have a good experience today?

The afternoon had started. 9 hours & 40 mins of work today.

Today is the 8th Day of October in the 36th year of Vernon J.

I realized this morning that a company had made an error when shipping my replacement (ie correct) product I purchased. Their customer service line was closed when I was at home.

So of course I posted in twitter for them to call me. They did. Thanks UPS for the good customer service.

As I’m currently not having good customer service from another national shipper. You’re doing a terrible job USPS. My package left Kansas City Monday morning during the 0400 hour. Barring that there had been no service disruptions you were suppose to deliver yesterday.

The word of the day isĀ foremost which is first in place, order, rank, etc.

So on Monday I made a career & lifestyle decision. I will be moving to Lincoln in 2015. Reasons are know if you know me. If you don’t know why, then just call me & I’ll explain it to you.

Tonight we are going to Spielbound. Come join us.

Have a great evening.

Rock it with me …

Check out Old Boots, New Dirt by @Jason_Aldean http://ow.ly/3sudwf

I was going back & forth if I should listen to this due to dine poor choices made by Jason.

The music is good.

The personal choices I don’t agree with.