So long

Last wakeup of September 2014

Started this day of great.

Today is Tuesday 09/30/V3.5 & we going to celebrate a great September. 1st Birthdays, 1st Laughs, quite a few firsts for Team VJ.

Well it was suppose to be raining right now, it isn’t. I’m okay with that. I brought my umbrella though.

Yesterday (post-work) was good. Cleaned dishes, kitchen, & living room.

The word of the day is helpmate, which is a companion and helper.

So in Friday about 1316, the supervisor sent out an email. MANDATORY 8 hours overtime! Me, Erin, & twitter had a conversation about the number of hours that I was working. I had started that I was only scheduled 60 this week. Sometimes God had a different plan then you.

So this is where we are.

I’m listened to “Blood Bound” by Patricia Briggs from Omaha Public Library. Find this & more at

I also used my last two credits on Audible to purchase Books II & III if the Divergent series. I remembered to stop that subscription. *remind me on/before November 28th to cancel. It’s just on suspension right now.

What are you looking forward to this week?

I’m going to see The Equalizer at 1030. This is your official 4 hour notice.

The UNO Volleyball team had two home matches this week. Today & Friday. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to the Friday match. The match starts at 1900. Let me know if you want to go cheer on the Mighty Mighty Mavericks.

Have a fantastic day.

  • Erin O’Brien

    You’re like the Energizer Bunny! Your energy and optimism are infectious.

    Enjoy The Equalizer. I am seeing Gone Girl Sunday. What else to look forward to this week? Royals Playoff baseball, Packers game Thursday night, biking Saturday morning, dinner out Saturday night, movie Sunday! Then REST. Oh, and maybe some baking? Stop by the library downtown for a cupcake! šŸ˜‰
    Enjoy your week, Mr. Vernon J.

    • Thanks Erin. I just saw the ad for that. Apparently it’s the ‘best date movie’ of (time frame). I’m not really seeing it as a date movie, but you know. I’m with you on the baking, maybe I could stop by next week. no promises of course

  • Omaha Public Library

    How did you like ‘Blood Bound’? Better question: What’s been the best book you’ve read/listened to so far in 2014?

    • It was very good, can’t wait to read/listen to the 3rd in the series. I do like this series, I’ve enjoyed quite a majority of the books I’ve rented this year. I’d have to go back. Rise of an Empire is a good one.