New option on table: Transform Creighton med center into new veterans hospital – Health Consumer – Mobile

The first step in any new moves would be another inspection of the Omaha facility by VA officials from Washington, which would come within the next eight weeks. That would be followed by the possible feasibility study.

Cause the facility is now do much better than the last study.

Too many studies

Some Changes

Assume changes to this week’s schedule.

Happy Morning Folks.

Laundry day we’ll be moved to today. Going out tomorrow night to celebrate with Dennis & Marcy.

Today is Wednesday the 24th Day of September in my 36th year.

Yesterday was a great day. Had to eat lunch inside & that was the low point.

Work was good. Got home & had some nice dinner. Then went to a meeting.

Got a bike ride in.

Get OUT & vote folks. Every election is important, but for the conservatives in Nebraska need to get out. Vote for Pete, Ben, Lee, Doug, & Don. Also vote for your down ballot folks. 100% completion folks.

The word of the day isĀ chansonette which is a little song; ditty.

I like chansonette’s

What are you doing today?