Fun Day

A great start to this week.

God’s Afternoon & Happy Monday.

You know I LOVE Monday. This one is no different.

Today is Monday the 15th of September. Did about 9.5 hours of work today.

I was just ready to go home at 1611. Now on to my simple evening. I don’t have anything planned tonight. I might do some stuff but that’s a secret.

Friday was a blast at Oktoberfest Lucky Bucket style. Played & won at cornhole. You may have seen a post on Twitter about it.

As usual I put it there.

Now I didn’t put this one there.

There’s also this picture:

Which I didn’t put their either.

The word of the day is samovar which is a metal urn, used for heating water for making tea.

The level of notoriety also grew this weekend. Two people at Oktoberfest recognized me from Dunkin’ & then 1 recognized me from Oktoberfest at Dunkin’

Live a good & fun day.

How was your day?