So did you get a surprise yesterday ?

Good Morning & Boomtastic.

I got one yesterday. Actually had the day off. I was suppose to with a of Thursday. But they scheduled an extra person & I let them know. They forgot to tell me they curved me off the schedule.
Today is Thursday the 5th day of September in my 36th year.

We are only 1 hour & 22 mins in & it had been a Boomtastic day.

A good night’s sleep, good & fun conversation, a good breakfast.

The word of the day isĀ pericope which is a selection or extract from a book.

So yesterday on Twitter I asked, how many servings is corn on the cob?

Some Delicious Right There
In particular that puce right there.

After dinner I went to the store & bought a white shirt. I can’t remember the lady time I bought a white button down shirt. I’m usually doing the patterns, but I need white for Friday.

Also I have a 16 inch neck & 38 length arms. I’m sure they are both the same length. I’m totally normal :-).

I also got two new ties —->

This is the double pink & gray one. You’ll see the new one next week. Well totally world population – 4 people who have seen the toe in my hand.

everything was totally normal at the dentist yesterday.

I’m heading into work now, then later to work, then home.

What did you do yesterday?