Plans between Work

I do have plans between work.

Good Morning & Happiness.

I’m going to get socks, apparently I do not have at least eight pair. They get holes & get replaced.

Today is the 18th Day of the Seventh month in my 36th year. Oh what a year we are making it.

I like to have enough socks so I can go a week without doing laundry.

A two week rule applies to the socks cousin.

The word of the day is mot juste which is the exact, appropriate word.

From today’s news story: Malaysia Airlines MH17 Boeing 777 Had ‘Clean Bill of Health’ My comment & a similar comment

Well I don’t think planes are designed to withstand a missile attack. BUT I’m no aerospace engineer, so don’t get me to talking about it.

I am disappointed in the cowardly terrorists attacks by individuals & organizations. But the mighty news doesn’t need to look for alternative meanings.

I’ve seen pictures of the Taco Ride via Jennifer. They had bubbles lasy night, I’m disappointed I haven’t gotten or went the chance to go this year. I’ve got to take a day off in August. Well a 2nd day. I’m already taking the Sunday 13th of I’m sure. It’s an important day for Team Vernon J.

Have a good day.