Pool is COLD

The pool is cold.

The feet went in & body was like nopers

Good Afternoon folks with light schedules on a Friday Night.

So I’m just chilling on the deck. Grab a glass of your favorite dihydrogen oxide & come hang out.

Today is Friday 06/13/V3.5 & it is a great day.

I’m chilling at home today. Wed & Thurs were 14+ hour days for Vernon J. Didn’t get home until last night.

Work was good today. Went in at 0842, see the last post. I had to work until 1617.

I checked & next week I don’t have to work at my second job. They are switching me to the closer store. That’s what I wanted in the 1st place. #Thanks

The word of the day is gloze which is to explain away.

I have to work tomorrow so I’ll be back up at my 0413 time. I’ll be there from 0600 to 1400. The Papillion Store. So after you get done with the parade stop by & say hi.

What are you doing?