On this day

On this day, I dance for all the right reasons.

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

I started dancing in the living room, no I didn’t sing in the shower.

Today is Friday 04/04/V3.4 & it is a fantastic day. See ——->
image But Team Vernon J had great plans for the world. We’re nit taking over, but we went be strong aside.

The word of the day is omphaloskepis which is contemplation of one’s navel as part of a mystical exercise.

I had a great time with my dinner last night. Went from this
image to this
image wound up like this.

All. Gone.
. Thanks Hope for the suggestion.

Well it was 2 – degrees this morning. See how much I care?

Well we nite take you to sports with Vernon J.

The track & ladies of the tennis team are on the road today. The University of Nebraska Omaha Men’s Tennis team plays at 1800 today. Visit Home if the best University sports team. GO MAVERICKS! for more info.

Thé Omaha Stormchasers had to cancel last nights season debut, on the count of rain. That means Saturday’s game is a doubleheader. Two games for the price of one. Now remember when there are DH’s games are just 7 innings. Stir Up the Storm.


I haven’t told you what we are doing today, have I?

We are going to Gretna Fish Fry & a super secret place. I can’t out my calendar link in here, cause I’m on my tablet.

But Mom’s have a good day.