Want to go on a date?

*breaking news* I just found out I don’t have to work Wednesday 03/26. Yup you can go on a #date with me. Call Me Maybe. #Mystery  http://ow.ly/3igpmF


News from around the horn.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

A couple stories that got me interested, & how people are doing stupid things.

Today is 03/19/V3.4 & it is a snowy day in Omaha.

Okay it wasn’t any real snow.

Back to work at my part time job. Speaking of ‘part time’ work. If yo go there 5 days a week, is that really part time?

The first story is about the missing plane. “speculation about what might have happened to the plane and where it might be now” CNN’s Ratings Surge Covering the Mystery of the Missing Airliner – NYTimes.com I haven’t been following it to close. The place is still missing. The author tells the truth. Quite a bit of speculation, that is a bad thing to do in the news business. ALL we will ever know is that the plane is missing. Unless the human beings on that plane are found we’ll never know what happened.

This story is more local. MECA is out of control. Mayor Stothert on MECA vote: “I think it’s very self-serving.” – www.kmtv.com & Stothert says she was blindsided by MECA board’s decision to extend members’ terms – Omaha.com Now that I’ve given my feelings about the case. Let’s look at the facts. You’ve voted to extend your own service? If Congress approves a pay raise it won’t take effect until the next Congress is elected.

That’s how you do it kids. That is accountability & the right way to do things.

The word of the day is susurrant which is softly murmuring; whispering.

Writing a letter to a friend.

I’m also eating lunch. My great sammich that I made today.
image I did get that fourth piece of ham on there after some adjustments. I’m a boss like that, making easy things happen.

I’m getting bad to no reception at home. Maybe that’s why Sam & I was disconnected OR she hung up on me.

What are you doing today?

I works also like thank the Omaha City Council for taking the Crossroads bond off the ballot. The developers should pay for & back their own bonds. Also the Nebraska Unicameral voted down the win project. Thanks.

More later maybe