Today is a simple day,

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

There were oats for breakfast, a PB& J sammich for lunch.

Today is Friday 02/14/V3.4 & it is Jennifer’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Jennifer.

Well Valentine’s Day is finally here. The day we all have been preparing for since about December 20th. Don’t do anything halfway, yes some things have changed since then. No Break-ups, therefore no Make-ups for me. I’ve met new people, I talked to people I’ve previously met. I’ve got my collections

Well I’m hoping your day/weekend is great.

Who’s looking forward to a new adventure on Tuesday? Monday is a holiday so there will be a new adventure.

The word of the day is schatzi which is sweetheart, darling.

Hopefully I’ll get to the UNO Hockey game tonight, I guess the question is who will I go with?

Vernon J is leaving for now.