What of the Weather.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Well I’ve traveled at least 20 blocks & have yet to see the 10.16 or above units of snow.

Today is Tuesday 02/04/V3.4 & it is a special day, by special day I mean Tuesday.

I don’t have any particular plans today after work, I’m going to head to Olympia Cycle. My bike has some grime in the gear shift. I need to get that cleaned out before Saturday when I have to ride again.

Yesterday I got a bonus 1/2 hour of work, it isn’t overtime until Saturday. They did call me Sunday and asked if I wanted some OT, I passed on it.

The word of the day is inglenook which is a corner or nook near a fireplace.

I made someone’s day yesterday just by saying hi & asking them how their business was. Nothing complicated, just doing what I wanted to do.

NO I am not moving to Broken Arrow, OK. NO I don’t work in the medical industry. If you asking why I am no’ing we must not be facebook friends. I’m okay with that. Don’t you wish facebook friend requests were like getting approved for a mortgage. You have to apply for one, go though a very strenuous process before being shown an offer? That’s not even the part where you have to have a house you want to rent from the bank.

We are just 10 days away from Valentine’s Day & ladies I’m still yours for the borrowing. Just give me a ring (on the telephone) & we can go to the University of Nebraska Omaha hockey game or we can go out to eat. I’d be happy either way.

hmmmmmm? If I think of anything else to share I will do that.

What are you doing today?

How was your yesterday?

Make it a great day!