No Wind & Fur

There is no wind this morning.

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

I’m glad there was no wind this morning. That fur coat was awesome.

Today is Monday 02/03/V3.4 & it is Natasha’s Birthday.

So do you have any expectations from PETA our similar organizations about Joe’s coat?

GLADD had also come out toating that Coca-Cola’s commercial had the first gay couple in it. Aren’t we just suppose to treat two people in a relationship as normal? Why are you making a big deal about this?

So I had Sausage Gravy yesterday, uh today. I made the biscuits


yesterday, the sausage gravy party this morning.


My weekend & Sunday was great. Went to the game Friday, listened to it on Saturday.
Didn’t do much else after work, I’m okay with that. Sunday there was a visit to a Campaign office & of course cooking. I’ll put some, okay all the pictures on my photo blog.

How was your weekend & Sunday?