NO excuses & half moon

I didn’t use the excuse: I can wash the dishes when I get home.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

There is a half moon today. It is in the waning phase of its cycle.

Today is Wednesday 01/22/V3.4 & it isn’t a mistake free day.

Let’s sees if anyone call’s me out on my mistake. My first check in on foursquare said Tuesday. See the exclusivity you get here on The Official Blog of Vernon J.

Yesterday was definitely a good day. I got my hair cut, I finished & filed my taxes. I texted a person who I won’t name (on my blog, but if you were to call & ask me I’d share). Work was good also, but who wants to hear about that?

The word of the day is idem which is the same as previously given or mentioned.

Oh you didn’t? That’s too bad cause I’m going to talk about it. I applied for four positions at First Data, but then for other people that I know of also applied. May the tallest person succeed.

Well today is my long day, it won’t be over for about 14 more hours at this point. Good times.

What’s new in your life?
What haven’t you told me that’s old to you, but would be new to me?