Tap Dancer

Good morning & happy Tuesday.

I couldn’t been a tap dancer.

Today is Tuesday 01/22/V3.4 & it is Dennis’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Dennis.

I could’ve also been a dentist. I am neither of those things, so back up.

Had a good breakfast this morning.

Yesterday was a good day, are I told you this. I found out what my raise for March to February 2015 will be. I also got a bonus. Now I can’t discuss this as the raises & bonuses are based on performance of the past year. To performers get top compensation.

If you were to call me I’m sure I could tell you*.

The word of the day is williwaw which is a violent squall that blows in near-polar latitudes.

Well today is the official day, the $9 ($4 too much) haircut place is open. I will go there after work. At least that is what I put on my blog, but we’ve been there before. I wouldn’t bet on it until ‘hair on the floor’ is seen.

That’s skill that I have planned.

Make it a fantastic day.